Cross-platform Log Data Management

_beta log|x

Access to log data - company-wide

_beta log|x is a solution for cross-platform and cross-format log data management in your company.

Data from different sources, e.g. mainframe, Windows, Linux/ Unix systems and applications (e.g. SAP) can be brought together in one place and made available from there across the enterprise.

_beta log|x is the successor product for Beta UX LogMaster.

What’s new in Beta UX V5?

  • More flexibility and improved functionality for customers


  • Greater ease of use and easier management
  • Extensively supplemented job output management for z/OS and Automic
  • Advanced security and compliance capabilities

Search, analyze & archive job output and log data

  • Monitor IT automation: Reading log files of the Unix-based scheduler systems Dollar Universe, Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS), J2U, APX and Streamworks.
  • Central log management: _beta log|x as a central repository for all system activities.
  • Full-text search for simple forensics: Easy to find all system messages and analyze logs based on a central repository. High performant and intelligent search in large volumes.
  • Control of compliance requirements: Support in the control of compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, BSI, Basel II and internal guidelines.

Avons-nous suscité votre intérêt ?

Optez pour une solution fiable qui apporte efficacité et sécurité au traitement des données en masse. Choisissez Beta Systems Software DCI pour le développement de votre logiciel d’infrastructure personnalisé et performant.


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