Central output and archive solution

_beta doc|x

Central output and archive solution

_beta doc|x is a comprehensive software solution for the management, storage and provision of extensive document data, regardless of source, format and volume.

Sources from special application systems such as SAP can be used and integrated as well as the long-established mainframe document formats. Documents can be archived centrally and audit-proof with _beta doc|x and made available online at low cost. Data from many different document sources can be flexibly prepared and made available for mass printing.

_beta doc|x is the successor product for Beta UX DistributionMaster and Beta UX ContentMaster.

What’s new in Beta UX V5?

  • More flexibility and improved functionality
    for customers

  • Greater ease of use and easier management
  • Extensively supplemented Job Output Management for z/OS and Automic
  • Advanced security and compliance capabilities

_beta doc|x as one solution for documents and print data

  • Central document management: Reliably read, process, distribute and store the company’s documents – regardless of their quantity, origin, format and destination.
  • Centralized Output Management: Convert, bundle, index, and archive even the even the largest documents. Use and integrate document sources from mainframe systems, Windows/Linux/Unix or SAP systems.
  • Audit-proof document archive: Archive large volumes of documents – according to your requirements and in compliance and legal form (incl. automatic deletion at the end of the archiving period) company-wide.
  • Automatic forwarding: Enables sequential processing of a document by different users according to business processes.
  • High security: Specify in detail who can read or comment on which data, documents, and parts of documents.
  • Interfaces for integration: Use _beta doc|x with web services or the Beta UX API command interface to integrate your own applications.
  • Easily search, access, and annotate documents: Enable departments to access any form of document and extensive lists from any source in a tightly controlled, yet simple and fast way. Enable commenting in documents without compromising audit-proof archiving. All via convenient web-based user interfaces.

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