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Optimized data quality
for your data center

Eliminate errors and prevent incorrect transactions

Beta Systems offers cross-platform solutions that automatically check data for correctness and reduce inaccurate transactions. This quality control guarantees high data quality in IT automation and enables processes to be executed correctly. At the same time, legal and corporate compliance requirements are automatically taken into considerations.

Our solutions have proven themselves very well in practice and are used by many companies in the financial industry. We would be happy to explain how we have successfully implemented this at major banks.

_beta check|z optimizes the data quality of your data center

  • High data quality in automated IT processes: The solution empowers you to check the quality of all financial transactions to facilitate rapid automated downstream processing.
  • Compliance guidelines: Relax with a system that automatically checks your data quality and allows you to meet legal IT provisions.
  • Rapid and robust application provisioning: Secure the quality of your data from application development through to IT production.
  • Cross-platform checking routines: Monitor your data quality from a central location – even for distributed systems.
  • SAP data quality assurance: Set up automated data reconciliation with SAP NetWeaver und SAP FS-CD.
  • Integrated Enterprise Job Manager: Draw on the powerful agent network to perform data quality assurance tasks on distributed platforms.

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