Workload Automation
Automate IT processes
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Support for Controlling and Monitoring Automated IT Processes

We excel when it comes to developing powerful solutions that automate IT processes, both for traditional batch operation on mainframe systems and for distributed platforms. Our portfolio includes solutions for complete workload automation, upgrades for existing mainframe schedulers and tools that support your workload automation teams.

Workload Automation Across all Enterprise Platforms

  • Quickly provision new batch and JCL applications
  • Analyze, search and access all data held in various IT systems
  • Check and improve your data quality
  • Monitor and safeguard your IT production
  • Automate and orchestrate your business processes
  • Smoothly migrate from existing schedulers
  • Replace Cron jobs with standardized scheduling
  • Control business applications in SAP and other systems

INFONAVIT Mexico uses workload automation solutions from Beta Systems

Ruben Baro, Chief Information Officer of INFONAVIT Mexico, the largest mortgage lender in Latin America, explains how Beta Systems solutions support INFONAVIT in their key processes.

50% of Europe’s major banks rely on solutions from Beta Systems to automate their business-critical applications.

Unsurpassed Reliability and Customer Satisfaction

You can fully rely on our industry-leading products that perform millions of transactions day by day at thousands of customer installations.

The world’s largest car manufacturer uses Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager (EJM) to manage IT production processes on distributed servers.

Workload Automation Products

Beta Systems delivers the speed, scalability and operating stability you need to keep up with constantly changing business requirements.

Beta 92
Enterprise Job Manager

Thanks to its intelligent agent network, Enterprise Job Manager upgrades existing z/OS mainframe schedulers by adding the option of smoothly providing workload management for distributed systems & applications (under Linux, Unix, Windows, System i, SAP), including monitored data transfers.

Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager (EJM)

Enterprise Control Center

Enterprise Control Center provides a central tool for managing automatic IT processes. The graphical user interface and web services allows users to control distributed workloads via the agent network of the Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager.

Enterprise Control Center


streamworks is a modern Windows-based workload automation solution. It consistently plans, maintains, controls and monitors all IT processes that are capable of being automated, across the company.

Streamworks - Workload Automation Suite

Our products also support the following workload automation solutions:

  • IBM Workload Scheduler
  • BMC Control-M Scheduler
  • CA Scheduler (Autosys, CA-7)
  • CA Automic Scheduler (UC4)
  • ASG Zeke

Tools for IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS)

The IBM Workload Scheduler Tools provide IT teams with the functions needed to efficiently control the IBM scheduler. The product, which was developed as part of operating a live system, simplifies key administration tasks, increases process transparency and accelerates IWS management tasks.


IWS/WebAdmin is a web-based user interface for the IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS/z and IWS/d).

IBM Scheduling Tools


IWS/Graph is used to visualize IT processes defined in the IBM Workload Scheduler in the form of order and job networks.

IBM Scheduling Tools


IWS/Audit documents all changes made in the IBM Workload Scheduler and can show them on demand.

IBM Scheduling Tools


IWS/BatchAD and IWS/BatchCP provide interfaces for executing bulk changes in IWS.

IBM Scheduling Tools

Other products that may be of interest to you


ProcMan allows users to make changes to scripts or objects for IT background processes in an automated manner.

IBM Scheduling Tools

Beta 91
Data Quality Management

Beta 91 Data Quality Management delivers functions for the code-based verification of IT process data (log data, hit lists).

Beta 91 Data Quality Management

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