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Online support portal

If you are a DCI customer, you can use this portal to contact our software support service online. Submit your requests for support and easily keep track of the processing status.

SI Support

SI customer service: consulting, training, services, hotline

Hotline contacts

  • Central support number for Germany:
    0800-BETASYS   (= 0800-2382797)
  • Central international support number:
    +49 (0)6321 4991-5108


Our customers are granted user access to the DCI COMMUNITY: This platform mainly serves the purpose of allowing users to share experiences with one another.  We consider the resulting feedback when developing new products and upgrading existing tools.

If you do not have access credentials yet, please contact your account manager.

User Groups

The user groups have been an integral part of the Beta Systems ecosystem since the 1990s. These meetings, which take place multiple times over the year, help to forge and cultivate close ties between manufacturer Beta Systems and its customers – the users of our products.

If you wish to participate in the user groups, please contact your account manager.

Products and Compatibility

We regularly update and refine our products and software solutions. Use this button to obtain the current release status and the current lists of supported platforms and components.


As a Beta Systems customer, once you have registered, you can use this link to download product documentation from our website.

Your Contacts

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Regional Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding Beta Systems’ products, solutions or services, you can also call the following number:

+49 (0) 30 726 118-640