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Introduce a New Standard for Business Process Automation

streamworks raises the bar for workload automation. Let us demonstrate how you can use streamworks to configure event-based processes and workflows that improve user collaboration in addition to reducing your operating costs. Other features include simplified integration as well as transparency and quality gains across your entire corporate IT.

Automate Your Entire IT Process Chain with streamworks

  • Perform ad-hoc changes in a flexible and traceable manner: Implement same-day changes without affecting master data; all modifications are fully logged.
  • Control the go-live of major batch releases: An export/import utility facilitates transfers from the testing to the live streamworks environment, and version IDs simplify parallel deployment of multiple batch job networks.
  • Business cycle-driven operation: Related process steps are compiled into a virtual production day (business day). This ensures that workflows are mapped in a realistic manner and mandatory sequences that need to be observed because of administrative or commercial requirements are maintained.
  • Enhance the SAP®-internal scheduler by adding centralized management, control and messaging functionality.
  • Synchronize IT-related operational and business processes: Make optimal use of system maintenance windows and prevent the occurrence of actions that interfere with one another.

streamworks offers a consistent solution for any requirement. Our users appreciate that this product was developed from a working system with real-life applications in mind.

Nikolaus Merz, Project Manager BHF-BANK

How You Benefit from streamworks

Perform Ad-Hoc Changes in a Flexible and Traceable Manner

streamworks offers customizable input dialogs for this purpose. This means that users can freely define text modules and system prompts in the required language. The dialogs are shown in the self-service portal when requested by a user. Once the required data has been entered, the job chain is executed according to its configuration. You can even implement same-day changes without affecting master data, and all modifications are fully logged.

Control the Go-Live of Major Batch Releases

An export/import utility facilitates transfers from the testing to the live streamworks environment, and version IDs simplify parallel deployment of multiple job networks. For SAP® users this means much easier integration of batch jobs into the central scheduler. SAP®users furthermore gain the ability to autonomously schedule jobs using the internal SAP® scheduler. However, it is imperative to avoid any negative impact on the current SAP®production. To help you meet this goal, the tool provides a fast and reliable mechanism for centrally detecting jobs scheduled by users. If required, these can be quickly rescheduled. In this case, the relevant user is informed about the scheduled day and time of the batch run.

Cross-Company Process Control

streamworks allows SAP® users to conveniently schedule jobs in the self-service portal. Once they have submitted their batch request, the system notifies them about the next possible execution window. Any subsequent status messages are automatically delivered via e-mail. As a result, you can control all infrastructure and application platforms from a single location and ensure that the time windows available for synchronizing IT-related operational and business processes are utilized with maximum efficiency. You benefit by gaining a thoroughly managed system landscape that is largely devoid of parallel activities that negatively impact one another.

Ensure Error-Free Data Production and Avoid Downtimes

Central software solutions such as streamworks must consistently meet the demanding security requirements of data centers. For this reason, regular inspections identify potential security gaps to ensure compliance with these high security standards. These audits of user interfaces are performed by renowned external specialists by performing so-called white box penetration tests. In this test scenario, the auditor has much more background know-how than any potential external attacker would have. The conclusion of the inspection is that streamworks delivers a solid level of security.

streamworks – Function Overview

Planning and Process Design

Create templates and define standards

The streamworks software provides templates for recurring tasks and options for customizing these templates. Consistent e-mail dispatch, standardized contents and process flows are easy to implement.

Rule editors enable intuitive definition of process logic

File and file system events, numerous trigger events, upstream processes and file transfers can be defined in a transparent and traceable manner thanks to consistent rule editors.

IT Automation Control

Application integration

Integrate numerous standard applications, virtualization and cloud platforms as well as system management software via agents and interfaces.

Integrated file transfer process

Files are transferred among streamworks agents in encrypted format and without any third-party software. streamworks supports file conversion into various formats in addition to providing standard file transfer options.

Change Management

Efficient change management based on versioning

streamworks offers functions for managing multiple process chain (stream) versions. It allows for creating a planning version and multiple backup versions that are maintained alongside the production version.

Graphical process view delivers at-a-glance information

The ability to display individual or connected job chains graphically enables users to instantly identify dependencies and gauge the impact of planned changes.

Monitoring & Reporting

Stream Run Journal

The Stream Run Journal captures all information relating to automatic process control and manual changes or actions both comprehensively and in an unalterable format.

Integrated reporting engine

Use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to easily define custom reports that complement the range of standard reports.

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