Professional Services

Delivering on Individual Needs through to Complex Migrations!

We thoroughly analyze your specific customer system landscape and then develop a tailor-made solution design that ensures smooth data center processes. Success is guaranteed thanks to the many years of industry expertise and DCI focus of our Professional Services team.

Business Consulting for Customer-Specific Solutions

An unbiased evaluation of corporate structures by an external source can be very helpful in better understanding and addressing a company’s challenges. We put our many years of data center experience to use to analyze your existing IT process landscape and jointly design tailor-made solutions that deliver quick and measurable improvements.

Duration Dates
As agreed By prior arragement

High-Frequency Mainframe Jobs in Discovery

Traditional schedulers are not designed to handle jobs in short intervals over the long term. This makes the planning of data center jobs a highly time-consuming affair. The daily plan thus becomes very volatile, which results in error-prone process chains and can lead to an overall slump in performance.

Bring more efficiency to your mainframe operations

HF jobs allow you to repeatedly run the defined Beta 92 EJM jobs on distributed platforms (SAP, Unix/Linux, Windows), for instance once every 3 minutes for 6 hours, once every 5 minutes until 6 p.m., or once every 30 seconds 100 times in a row.

This results in shorter waiting times and reduced process chain cycle times. Corresponding scheduler resource savings can amount to up to 30%, and application maintenance optimization can deliver a qualitative and quantitative improvement of your data center operations of up to 15%.

Our experts assist you from the implementation stage all the way to ensuring the smooth and optimized operation of all functions.

Contents and Benefits

  • Faster scheduler response times
  • Improved overview of remaining applications
  • Shorter production cycles
  • Reduced data transfer with agents
  • Reduced network load

Compliance Consulting Workshop

Learn about the benefits of the integrated Compliance Auditor that comes with the Discovery solution. The combination of consulting, support and training – as well as instructions on how to best utilize the monitoring procedures – allows you to implement your individual compliance guidelines with ease.

Duration Dates
5 days By prior arrangement
  • Introduction to the ISO 2700x standards and the BSI list of basic security measures by certified consultants
  • Exemplary audits based on customer-specific scenarios
  • Discussion of audit results and derived recommendations for IT operations
  • Support for installing Compliance Auditor components on a Windows system
  • Configuration of the delivered Beta 96 monitoring procedures (JCL adjustments)
  • Introduction to Compliance Auditor

Compliance Consulting +

An action plan is created based on the audit findings from the ‘Compliance Consulting Workshop’; this plan accounts for the specific customer environment and observes the BSI list of basic security measures. The resulting coordinated catalog of recommendations serves as a project plan for the implementation and as the basis for estimating the cost of adjusting the corresponding monitoring procedures.

Duration Dates
As required By prior arrangemants

Data Archive Media Transfer

This Beta Systems service delivers a fully automated migration of existing Beta 92/Beta 93 archive data to new, modern media.

Duration Dates
As required By prior arragement
  • Beta Systems offers archive data migration services from Beta 92 and Beta 93 systems to help you secure the value of your data. Our trained specialists perform a fully automatic migration that accounts for z/OS catalogs and maintains your product databases. This ensures that the data can be restored in the event that catalog errors occur.

Platform and Cross-Application Process Harmonization

This consulting package brings your Beta 91 know-how up to speed. Learn about new product features of the Discovery Generation, optimize existing processes and apply them to distributed platforms. Expert tips and tweaks round off the consulting package.

Duration Dates
3 day analysis and consulting By prior arrangement
  • Consulting: Review of the Beta 91 implementation that accounts for the system configuration, application concept, coding standards and blackout processing; identification of potentials for process optimization and additional application scenarios; documentation
  • Workshop: Briefing, creation of a concept for implementing the recommendations

Pre-Move – Merge – Migrate

Gain a reliable project overview by performing a preparatory project for merging, moving or migrating complex systems – regardless of whether your goal is software, hardware, license or disk space optimization. Use the documented findings as a basis for your business decision/planning.

Duration Dates
>10 days By prior arrangement
  • Analysis and rough concept
  • Project planning
  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Estimation of effort for the M-M-M project
  • Price information for the implementation

Move – Merge – Migrate

The actual migration process is implemented after the preparatory project. Capitalize on our experience to maximize your gain derived from the migration project. And rest assured that we perform the data center software migration 100% according to your individual requirements.

Duration Dates Price
> 40 days By prior arragement According to expenditure/industry
  • Designing or adjusting the processes
  • Setting up the migration/merge environment
  • Provisioning, implementing and performing a functional verification of the processes
  • Test migration/merge and pilot preparation/implementation
  • Setting up the processes
  • Provision of an instruction manual
  • Implementation support and process assistance, in particular as regards daily checks and troubleshooting when interruptions occur (restart/recovery)

Certified Project Management

We care deeply about your project. Our certified project managers have been refining their skills over decades, with a focus on the banking and insurance sector. The efficient team manages the project according to your specifications.

Duration Dates
As required By prior arragement
  • Contract management
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Project reporting
  • Project controlling
  • Multi-project management
  • International projects

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