_beta check|z
Data Quality Management
(Beta 91)

Improve the Data Quality of Your z/OS Batch Jobs

_beta check|z is a solution for automatic data quality assurance on the z/OS platform. It greatly reduces the number of erroneous transactions, integrates deeply with your SAP processes and automatically checks if data is correct.

_beta check|z replaces Beta 91 Data Quality Management.

_beta check|z Optimizes Data Quality and Accelerates Batch Processes

  • High data quality in automated IT processes: The solution empowers you to check the quality of all financial transactions to facilitate rapid automated downstream processing.
  • Compliance guidelines: Relax with a system that automatically checks your data quality and allows you to meet legal IT provisions.
  • Rapid and robust application provisioning: Secure the quality of your data from application development through to IT production.
  • Cross-platform checking routines: Monitor your data quality from a central location – even for distributed systems.
  • SAP data quality assurance: Set up automated data reconciliation with SAP NetWeaver und SAP FS-CD.
  • Integrated Enterprise Job Manager: Draw on the powerful agent network to perform data quality assurance tasks on distributed platforms.

A major global insurance company has 20,000 quality assurance procedures in place in order to meet the required standards regarding quality and security for all automated mainframe-driven processes.

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Key Features

Verifying z/OS Data Quality

Internal compliance guidelines as well as legal regulations such as SOX, PCI/DSS or BASEL for the financial sector require companies to subject their data to a consistent and comprehensive quality assurance process. Failure to perform these checks and to painstakingly compare target and actual data can result in serious issues, ranging from production delays to claims for damages – which also put a blemish on the company’s reputation.

Monitoring Data Across all Corporate Platforms

What makes data quality assurance in the data center so difficult is the recent shift toward processing company procedures on heterogeneous operating systems such as Unix, Linux and Windows. Given this backdrop, companies need a tool that allows them to monitor data across the entire company and all distributed system platforms from the central host.

Checking the Data Quality on the Mainframe and Distributed Server Platforms

_beta check|z delivers precisely this functionality and supports the structured and convenient definition of automatic checking routines. In order to reconcile jobs in SAP and distributed server landscapes, _beta check|z closely integrates with the existing IBM workload scheduler environment. This makes it possible to transfer information from SAP to the host for comparison against relevant target values. This open design is a key strength of our software, as it allows for checking the data quality both on the mainframe as well as in distributed server landscapes. And the latter – the SAP world – is where the majority of IFC, and thus accounting-related, jobs are being generated.

Canada’s largest bank implemented Beta Systems' software soltions to prevent erroneous postings. As an added benefit, the bank was able to significantly accelerate automatic batch processing.

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Product Details

_beta check|z offers a standardized method that enables customers to automatically verify all data and logs, regardless of whether they are being processed centrally under z/OS or on distributed platforms. The product thus delivers a single point of control.

Job Scheduling

Complete integration with _beta job|z delivers quality assurance and harmonized processes in the non-z/OS sphere.

Integrated Quality Assurance

The new ‘HASH command’ function helps you avoid redundant data processing. Moreover, the hash key ensures the integrity of transferred files.

Reduced Number of Errors

Rapidly detect errors throughout all applications. This puts you in a position to resolve them right away, thus preventing errors from propagating to downstream systems.

Simple Log Management

Directly access job logs or logs in _beta log|z and make data temporarily available during audits.

Reliable IT Production

Whenever target and actual values deviate, this can cause production to come to a standstill. Prevent such downtimes from occurring to ensure on-time production.

Robust Software Releases

Perform data reconciliation in your production systems as well as in your development environments down to the very lowest level. As a result, your software releases will be operating extremely reliably now and in the future.

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