_beta log|z
z/OS Log Management
(Beta 92)

Comprehensive IT Production Log Management

Keep an overview of all system logs while at the same time preventing data manipulation. This comprehensive solution for the central job log management across all corporate platforms delivers auto updating and various event & e-mail handling enhancements, thus speeding up processes and improving the security of your corporate IT landscape. It also greatly simplifies the task of auditing cross-platform job networks.

  • Secure IT production across all corporate platforms
  • Smooth audits
  • Improve the security of your IT production

A leading IT service provider utilizes Beta 92 Log Manager to archive and analyze all credit card transactions for outsourcing customers.


Job Output and Log Management Products

_beta log|z

_beta log|z enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output received from workload management.

_beta log|x

_beta log|x provides functions for storing, archiving and provisioning log data or job output in a central archive.

Operlog Tools

The Operlog Tools comprise solutions for rapidly identifying key operational or error information in central z/OS log streams by filtering out the relevant data from hundreds of thousands of entries.

Solutions that expand and enhance your existing log and job log management tools:

  • BMC Control-M scheduler
  • CA scheduler (Autosys, CA-7)
  • CA Automic scheduler
  • WS/z API integration
  • SAP systems
  • Connects to ticketing systems like HP Service Manager or JIRA

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