Large Document Management System

Output Management, E-Records and Data Archiving

LDMS is a centralized, mainframe-based solution that ensures the reliable processing, provisioning and archiving of vast document volumes. It moreover provides tools for implementing electronic records. The comprehensive document management solution also offers flexible and powerful output management functions and an individually customizable Windows user interface.

LDMS – Large Document Management System

  • Central long-term archive: High-performance, cost-efficient solution for audit-compliant long-term document archiving – including SAP
  • Electronic records: Use the Beta Business Client to manage LDMS and individual e-records for your business.
  • Mainframe output management: Optimized postage costs, ePost and separation/indexing bring your IT production up to speed.
  • Cost transparency: Support of zIIP processors, print cost optimization and calculation as well as precise accounting down to every last bit

Customer Videos

Peter Kersten from Rechenzentrum Volmarstein has been using the LDMS software solution in his company for over 15 years.


Jörg Hubernagel from the Knappschaft-Bahn-See describes the use of the LDMS software solution in the Mini Job centre

Key Features

Powerful Output Management and Archiving Solution

With LDMS you can easily collect terabytes worth of data from your various programs and archive these reliably and in an automated manner. The data is transferred to the archive directly from the PC or via an SAP interface for storage or further processing.

Empower thousands of users to rapidly access your document pool – if required, multi-user concurrent document access is also possible.

  • The LDMS long-term archive supports all document-based business processes and can be combined with the Beta 93 document archive.
  • Fully transparent IT production: All production and system logs are made immediately available after they are created.
  • Guaranteed flexibility: Archiving can be set up using virtually any storage media.

SAP Archiving

Use LDMS to archive your SAP documents. SAP users are empowered to archive, search, edit or delete SAP documents with ease. The SAP interface is 100% SAP compliant. If you use LDMS strictly for SAP archiving, you will benefit from our ERP license management module. It will help you to cut costs substantially.

Our customers are presently using approx. 65,000 clients managing an archive volume of over 350 TB – that’s clear proof of their satisfaction.

Thomas Bauer, System Engineer IT Operations Content and Document Management, FIDUCIA & GAD IT AG


Beta Business Client

Optional modules add specialized functions, such as scanning documents, archiving mails from Notes, viewing AFP files or updating PDF/image documents.

Beta Systems e-record solution for the mini-job center of KBS enables staff to search 2.1 million electronic records with ease.


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