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Despite all prophecies, the number of daily jobs is increasing.

As a result, old jobs have to be modified or new ones created.

The problem arises that production JCL cannot be adequately tested.

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What are JCL checkers?

The function of a JCL checker is to find errors in the JCL before it is used in the production environment.

For this, individual jobs must be checked when they are created (directly when they are changed in the ISPF-Edito as well as after they have been changed by the ISPF dialogue).

How to optimise your JCL

New or modified JCL is a potential source of errors for your production.

A JCL management tool is indispensable for this.

SmartJCL eliminates this source of error, reducing the number of abort jobs

What is SmartJCL?

SmartJCL is a JCL management tool that allows you to

  • check your JCL and create it error-free
  • drastically reduce the number of aborts, which in turn eliminates the risk of wasted time in tight batch windows.
  • easily replace other JCL management tools, e.g. from companies such as SEA, ASG or CA.

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