Log Management
Beta UX LogMaster


Company-Wide Access to Key Log Data

The Beta UX LogMaster solution enables your company to manage log data across various platforms and formats. Bring together corporate data generated on a vast range of source systems, including the mainframe, Windows, Linux/Unix systems and applications (e.g. SAP) at a central point and make it available to all relevant users from there.

Find, Analyze & Archive Job Output and Log Data

  • Monitor your IT automation: Gain full control of your job schedulers, such as: $Universe, Automic, Control-M, TWS/d, APX and streamworks.
  • Centralized log management: Use Beta UX LogMaster as a central repository for all system activities.
  • Full-text search simplifies data forensics: Easily retrieve all system messages and analyze logs in a central repository.
    Rapidly and intelligently search vast data pools.
  • Enforce compliance with guidelines: Gain invaluable support in monitoring compliance provisions including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, BSI, Basel II as well as internal guidelines.

Beta Systems helps companies move from z/OS to Unix.


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