Beta UX DistributionMaster

Solution for Document and Print Data Processing

Beta UX DistributionMaster is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing and providing bulk document data from any source system and in any format and scope.

The application allows you to integrate complex application systems such as SAP in addition to any well-established mainframe document format. Moreover, you can centrally archive documents in an audit-compliant manner and provide them online at little cost. You further gain functions for flexibly preparing data from various document sources for bulk printing and distribution.

Beta UX DistributionMaster as a Central Output and Archive Solution

  • Centralized data management
  • Centralized output management
  • Audit-compliant document archive
  • Top-level security
  • Interfaces for smooth integration
  • Bring simplicity to searching, accessing and annotating documents

Universal Music Group uses Beta UX DistributionMaster

Vladimir Flener from Universal Music Group describes the usage of Beta Systems’ software solutions Beta UX DistributionMaster in their data center.

Beta UX forms part of our comprehensive solution, which includes Beta 93 Output Manager, a form designer, a converter and the Beta Web Enabler. The latter has proven highly useful, because it allows us to rapidly provide documents to employees in a user-friendly, pleasing design.

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Extensive Opportunities for Reducing Costs

  • Low-cost transaction bulk printing
  • Manage mainframe archives without the mainframe
  • Reduce your mainframe costs
  • SAP integration

Product Details

  • Utilizing and Processing SAP Data
  • Centralized High-Performance Printing & Processing of AFP Data Streams
  • Intelligent Formatting and Conversion
  • Combine and Process Documents

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