Auconet BICS:
Next Generation ITOM Platform

Elevate your IT and OT infrastructure

Based on state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience, Auconet BICS solves the real-world challenges of large enterprises.

Global 1,000 companies across a wide range of industries rely on Auconet BICS.

Auconet BICS im Überblick

Master your entire infrastructure with the next-generation ITOM platform:

Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS) delivers a fresh, efficient approach to control complex networks.

Auconet BICS provides network infrastructure management for all vendors’ devices and endpoints, and also serves as the foundation for a new generation of IT infrastructure management.

Auconet BICS is based on these core design principles:

100% Network Visibility

See all infrastructures on one screen.


Freedom from Vendor Lock-in

Choose the supplier you want from the lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Unlimited Scalability

Control millions of devices and endpoints.


Cloud & and SaaS-able

Choose between local, virtual and multi-tenant solutions.


Fast & easy implementation

Implemented and operational in hours or days.


Full Control of all devices

Monitor, configure & control at a granular level.


Instant, solid security

Allow access by policy, device and / or user


Internet of everything

Discover, authorize, and control non-traditional endpoints.


Industrial Infrastructure Control

100% detection and control of industrial equipment.


Reference Projects with Auconet BICS

Enterprise-wide transparency: Deutsche Bahn manages 15,000 devices and 350,000 ports with Auconet BICS

Security and Compliance for Hundreds of Banking Networks with Auconet BICS

Auconet BICS monitors, secures, and automates both IT and industrial infrastructure and Saves 90% on Service Costs

One of the world’s largest industrial company uses Auconet BICS for real-time monitoring of global network

BICS' Unified ITOM reduces TCO by more than 30%.

Auconet BICS dramatically lowers TCO, minimizes operational costs, reduces workload and increases productivity:

  • Freedom to source hardware from any vendor
  • And so much more …
  • Stop security breaches to protect your reputation
  • Automate recurring tasks to relieve your IT staff
  • Unify control without vendor-specific software or staff training
  • Reduce service calls and ticket volume by 90%

More information

For further information on Auconet and Auconet BICS go to the Auconet homepage.

General Auconet Contact: info(at)

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