_beta doc|z
Output Management & Archive

(Beta 93)

Solution for High-Volume Document and Print Data Processing

_beta doc|z is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing and providing bulk document data on the mainframe.
_beta doc|z replaces Beta 93 Output Management & Archive.

The application allows you to integrate distributed source systems in addition to specialized mainframe document formats (AFP, AFPDS). Moreover, you can centrally archive documents in an audit-compliant manner and provide them online at little cost. You further gain functions for flexibly preparing data from various document sources for bulk printing and distribution.

_beta doc|z at a glance

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    _beta doc|z Delivers Easy Access to Key Data

    • Centralized data management
    • Centralized output management
    • Audit-compliant document archive
    • Bring simplicity to searching, accessing and annotating documents

    • Reduce your mainframe costs
    • SAP integration
    • CICS and IMS connectivity

    The software solution from Beta Systems is the central document archive and output management system for Allianz Deutschland and soon also for the European regional subsidiaries. We handle 80% of the group’s print output using the system.

    Karl Paul, Project Manager Output Services

    Extensions for _beta doc|z

    Protect Personal and Sensitive Data: _beta doc|z transform

    How can you protect sensitive or personal data in order to meet legal or internal compliance regulations? And how can you quickly anonymize, hide or remove data in large documents or bulk data? _beta doc|z transform extends _beta doc|z, providing functions for the automated protection of sensitive data. Features include direct import and automatic anonymization/desensitization of data streams from the z/OS spool system – without altering the source data.

    _beta doc|z transform replaces Beta 93 Data Privacy / Beta 93 Document Transformer.

    Built to Find, Not to Search – Multi Indexing: _beta doc|z plus

    Speed up access to information held in data lists and documents: Don’t waste time searching – simply find! The various search options unlocked by the comprehensive indexing methods of _beta doc|z plus go a long way toward boosting employee productivity. _beta doc|z plus will cut the time spent on finding information from several minutes to mere seconds. When used in combination with _beta doc|z, _beta doc|z plus moreover allows you to index non-textual documents, such as, e.g., images, videos, audio data, scans, faxes or other data.

    _beta doc|z plus replaces Beta 93 Fast Retrieval.

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