_beta check|z
Data Quality Management

(Beta 91)

Improve the Data Quality of Your z/OS Batch Jobs

_beta check|z is a solution for automatic data quality assurance on the z/OS platform. It greatly reduces the number of erroneous transactions, integrates deeply with your SAP processes and automatically checks if data is correct.

_beta check|z replaces Beta 91 Data Quality Management.

_beta check|z Optimizes Data Quality and Accelerates Batch Processes

  • High data quality in automated IT processes: The solution empowers you to check the quality of all financial transactions to facilitate rapid automated downstream processing.
  • Compliance guidelines: Relax with a system that automatically checks your data quality and allows you to meet legal IT provisions.
  • Rapid and robust application provisioning: Secure the quality of your data from application development through to IT production.
  • Cross-platform checking routines: Monitor your data quality from a central location – even for distributed systems.
  • SAP data quality assurance: Set up automated data reconciliation with SAP NetWeaver und SAP FS-CD.
  • Integrated Enterprise Job Manager: Draw on the powerful agent network to perform data quality assurance tasks on distributed platforms.

A major global insurance company has 20,000 quality assurance procedures in place in order to meet the required standards regarding quality and security for all automated mainframe-driven processes.

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