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RACF Access Management

(Beta 88)

Get Your Security Up to Speed with _beta access

_beta access for z/OS RACF delivers simple administration, monitoring and auditing of your z/OS security system. Securely operate any number of z/OS systems and RACF databases using the administration, audit, analysis and monitoring tools of the suite.

_beta access replaces Beta 88 / Beta 89.

_beta access – End-to-End Solution for RACF Management

General Use Cases

Analyzing Permissions in RACF

Checking for security vulnerabilities across all of RACF

  • Easy operation:
    Access RACF using optimized ISPF panels, web interfaces and convenient Windows-based programs.
  • Transparent RACF administration:
    Generate automatic RACF commands or bulk user profile updates.
  • RACF help desk:
    Ease your central administration burden with _beta access easy, an application that allows you to delegate routine tasks to local administrators.
  • RACF auditing:
    Provide a convenient Windows interface that allows auditors to operate the system without any special RACF know-how
  • Real-time monitoring:
    Alert the respective users in real time whenever a critical RACF or security-relevant event occurs.
  • SMF analysis for RACF events:
    Analyze SMF records of the authorization system using predefined reports.

Products of the Access Rights Management Suite

_beta access covers all key areas of RACF security management.

All actions and changes made to RACF databases managed with _beta access are captured and logged in a dedicated relational database. This ensures that administrators and auditors have access to accurate RACF data at any time – without the need for granting users direct access to RACF. A database generation concept built into the suite means that you can roll back extensive RACF changes (e.g. in the event of an error) and furthermore provides automatic real-time security monitoring!

Designed for high-availability environments, _beta access delivers functions for the centralized administration of multiple z/OS systems, including Sysplex/Monoplex support. _beta access thus provides you with a single point of control for all corporate RACF systems. _beta access monitor provides functions for capturing security-relevant events and for the rapid escalation of these to predefined recipients or operations monitoring systems.

_beta access admin

_beta access admin with its user-friendly ISPF interface delivers functions for the centralized RACF administration. A comprehensive set of functions enables RACF profile maintenance while also providing a transparent overview of all information managed in the RACF system.

  • Online or batch execution
  • Merging of different RACF databases
  • Automatic generation of RACF commands
  • Scheduled assignment of access rights

_beta access easy replaces Beta 88 Web Helpdesk.

Beta 96 Discovery Compliance Auditor

The Beta 96 Discovery Compliance Auditor empowers you to automatically analyze your RACF data and generate meaningful, audit-compliant PDF reports. The Compliance Auditor checks the configuration of your RACF security system against applicable standards (PCI DSS, BSI list of basic security measures).

  • Identify security gaps in the RACF system and meet compliance provisions.
  • Automatic compliance audits
  • Transparently structured, meaningful reports
  • Part of the Discovery product generation

_beta access audit

_beta access audit allows even non-technical users to check the RACF system and generate audit reports. Thanks to the user-friendly Windows interface, this can be done without direct access to the z/OS system.

  • Identify security gaps in the RACF system and meet compliance provisions.
  • Generate and view reports on access authorizations and system configurations.
  • Perform quick audits via a user-friendly Windows interface.
  • Create pre-configured audit reports based on actual requirements and industry best practices.

_beta access audit replaces Beta 88 Auditor.

_beta access easy

Free up capacities in your central administration by delegating simple authorization tasks to a help desk or to specially authorized departmental users. Beta 88 Web HelpDesk provides a self-service portal that easily integrates with your corporate intranet or existing company portals. Authorization delegation is also possible in CICS, IMS and VTAM.

  • Simple administration using a modern, web-based self-service portal
  • Changes will only be applied after approval by a second person (dual control principle).
  • Customizable interface specifically designed for use in the central help desk

_beta access easy replaces Beta 88 Web Helpdesk.

_beta access report

_beta access report enables you to analyze SMF data as well as RACF and z/OS environment settings, check violations that impact your security and ensure that the configured RACF settings properly protect your system.

  • Predefined reports combined with a powerful report generator allow users to generate ad-hoc analyses of your RACF databases.
  • The dedicated program logic facilitates the generation of reports that contain complex evaluations and arithmetic operations.
  • You can also configure scheduled reports for automatic execution.

_beta access report replaces Beta 88 Report Generator.

_beta smf

_beta smf is a useful tool for analyzing and processing SMF data. It allows you to provide SMF data in various formats (CSV, XML) for downstream processing on the z/OS platform or in the client/server world.

  • Analyze SMF data.
  • Split SMF data.
  • Prepare data for further processing.
  • Create comprehensible business reports (sample reports are available).

_beta smf replaces Beta Log Formatter.

_beta access analyze

Conveniently analyze your RACF databases using a Windows-based GUI. Thanks to this Windows user interface, you can view the RACF database as a tree structure and launch analyses and detailed views with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • View RACF data in the familiar Windows environment.
  • Different entry points (users, groups, connection)
  • Use drill-down options to view detailed information.
  • Export data to the CSV format for downstream processing.

_beta access analyze replaces Beta 88 Resource Drill-Down Facility (RDF).

_beta access monitor

The _beta access monitor real-time monitoring tool alerts relevant staff to critical RACF events, such as when sensitive data is being accessed or when critical user attributes are being modified.

  • Supports automatic escalation of security-relevant RACF events.
  • Simple generation of audit reports for specific security events.
  • Predefined RACF rules enable immediate security monitoring with _beta access monitor.
  • Escalation via different channels, including e-mail or TSO console messages.

_beta access monitor erplaces Beta 89 Monitor.

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