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Discovery Suite

The Discovery Suite brings together the latest generation of the proven Beta Systems z/OS data center products under a modernized system architecture and also introduces various new functions as well as z/OS 2.1 & 2.2 support.

Discovery Suite for z/OS

z/OS Access Rights Management Suite

The z/OS Access Rights Management Suite for RACF combines administration, auditing, reporting, compliance management, analysis, monitoring and self-service on the z/OS platform in a comprehensive product family.

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

Beta UX Suite

The Beta UX Suite contains solutions for output management & document archiving, including log management for Linux and Unix.

Beta UX Suite

Output Management and Document Archiving

Output management and document archiving products from Beta Systems enable bulk processing of documents and print data, deliver various post-processing options and conversions, store and archive data quickly and reliably, and allow users to search data rapidly and flexibly across the entire data pool.

Overview of
output management and document archiving

z/OS Products

Beta 93 Output Management & Archive

The perfect solution for processing and managing large data volumes such as lists, documents and print data on the mainframe. Our intelligent agent network even allows you to include data from distributed source systems.

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LDMS – Large Document Management System

LDMS is a smart solution for the management, fast provision and safe storage of digital documents.

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Linux & Unix Products

Beta UX DistributionMaster

Beta UX DistributionMaster provides companies with a central output manager that delivers features covering document capture, conversion, archiving and provisioning across multiple output channels.

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Beta UX ContentMaster

The powerful Beta UX ContentMaster document archive enables you to manage and archive documents and moreover provides functions for convenient document access.

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Workload Automation

Workload Automation products from Beta Systems help control and monitor automated IT processes across all leading system platforms.

Workload automation overview

Distributed Scheduling for z/OS

Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager (EJM)

Thanks to its intelligent agent network, Enterprise Job Manager upgrades existing z/OS mainframe schedulers by adding the option of smoothly providing workload management for distributed systems & applications (under Linux, Unix, Windows, System i, SAP), including monitored data transfers.

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Enterprise Control Center

Enterprise Control Center provides a central tool for managing automatic IT processes. The graphical user interface and web services allows users to control distributed workloads via the agent network of the Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager.

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Enterprise Workload Automation


streamworks is a modern Windows-based workload automation solution. It consistently plans, maintains, controls and monitors all IT processes that are capable of being automated, across the company. Moreover, streamworks offers a much broader function range than traditional job scheduling, workload automation or IT process automation solutions.

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IBM Workload Scheduler Tools

IWS/Webadmin ds

IWS/WebAdmin is a user-friendly, web-based interface for IBM Workload Scheduler IWS/d. Simple operation, rapid results and a comprehensive set of useful functions characterize this application.

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IWS/Webadmin z

IWS/WebAdmin is a user-friendly, web-based interface for IBM Workload Scheduler IWS/z. Simple operation, rapid results and a comprehensive set of useful functions characterize this application.

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IWS/Graph is used to visualize IT processes defined in IBM Workload Scheduler IWS/z. The tool transforms order and job networks associated with the application definition and the daily plan into network and bar diagrams. Further functions bring simplicity to checking, documentation and batch operation monitoring.

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IWS/Audit captures all modifications made in IBM workload scheduler IWS/z. This enables you to easily identify changes, new entries and deletions while also serving as a complete audit report.

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IWS/BatchAD acts as an interface to all IWS z/OS definitions for bulk changes, exports and imports. The tool allows you to implement extensive or complex changes both quickly and reliably.

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IWS/BatchCP reduces the burden of repetitive manual chores in the daily plan (CP) by automating them. It provides an interface for bulk changes and for the simple generation of CP data lists using unique selection options.

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Log Management

Log management products from Beta Systems deliver functions for the reliable recording, archiving and provisioning of log and job output data generated by your IT systems. User-friendly interfaces and an intelligent indexing scheme allow you to quickly identify critical events hidden in your log data, search and select the data with ease, and further process the resulting information. There are also options for escalating detected critical events via multiple communication channels for downstream processing.

Log management overview

z/OS Products

Beta 92 Log Management

Beta 92 Log Management enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output received from workload management. The intelligent agent network performs mainframe job log data archiving tasks and additionally offers functions for collecting log data generated on any distributed platform in a company-wide log archive (e.g. Linux, Unix, Windows, System i, SAP system output).

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Operlog Tools

The Operlog Tools comprise solutions for rapidly identifying key operational or error information in central z/OS log streams by filtering out the relevant data from hundreds of thousands of entries. The Operlog Tools are designed to specifically support OPERLOGs and other z/OS log streams.

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Linux & Unix Products

Beta UX LogMaster

Beta UX LogMaster provides functions for storing, archiving and provisioning log data or job output in a central archive. In addition to purely text-based formats, Beta UX LogMaster (incl. EBCDIC) also supports the formats used in leading workload automation products and SAP. Owing to this, the solution can be utilized across the company for a vast number of products.

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Quality Management

Beta Systems quality management products provide you with the right tools to secure and verify your automated IT processes. The products connect with existing workload automation solutions (job schedulers) to identify and prevent errors, thus improving the quality of your IT production.

z/OS Products

Beta 91 Data Quality Management

Beta 91 Data Quality Management delivers functions for the code-based verification of IT process data (log data, hit lists). When combined with workload automation solutions, this tool allows you to improve the quality of critical processes and process steps. And thanks to the intelligent agent network, the solution supports a vast range of platforms, from z/OS and Linux/Unix through to Windows, System i or SAP.

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SmartJCL – JCL quality management

SmartJCL helps to improve the workload management quality by checking and correcting the syntax of JCL job scripts. Integrated interfaces for IBM Workload Scheduler and DB2 simplify your daily work, as do simulation and reformatting functions and a REXX interface.

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Service and Change Management

Change Automation

ProcMan – Transfer process manager

ProcMan allows users to make changes to scripts or objects for IT background processes in an automated manner. The tool converts the scripts and objects and then transfers them to the target environment (development -> testing -> release -> production). Integrated versioning and archiving as well as reporting functions help to speed up the development process and thus accelerate the introduction of new systems.

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DC Operations & Service Management

XINFO (SmartIS) – The IT information system

XINFO (SmartIS) is an intuitive information system that provides you with all the IT production details you need for any given task. Smart ‘readers’ allow you to import definition or operational data from a broad selection of system/program sources and process this data as required to facilitate analysis and searches (under z/OS and Windows). Thanks to its deep integration with leading development environments, workload management products, DB2, IMS and output management products, XINFO is a tool you won’t want to do without as soon as you have started using it.

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Authorization Management

Our authorization and identity access management products deliver the tool you need to efficiently manage and monitor identities and access rights. The Access Rights Management Suite delivers a powerful set of applications for managing the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) on the z/OS platform. When it comes to company-wide identity access management across the entire system landscape, the IAM Garancy Suite offers all you need.

z/OS authorization management overview

z/OS RACF Products

Beta 88 Administrator

Beta 88 Administrator is a comprehensive tool for managing z/OS RACF databases and access rights. It provides assistance with all administrative tasks and thus helps to reduce human errors or the abuse of RACF authorizations by implementing a special security concept. In addition, the tool offers extensive options for process automation and reporting.

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Beta 88 Web Helpdesk

Beta 88 Web Helpdesk reduces the workload of RACF administrators by introducing the option of delegating standard tasks to helpdesk or specialist department staff. Routine tasks such as resetting passwords can be performed using a web-based interface based on the dual control principle for maximum protection.

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Beta 88 Auditor

Beta 88 Auditor provides options that greatly facilitate the task of monitoring RACF and key z/OS settings. It also enables users to ‘freeze’ RACF data in generations that can then be handed over to auditors for inspection. By using a predefined security policy covering the managed data pool, which also includes explanatory texts on individual audit items, even auditors with little experience can perform high-quality audits.

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Beta 96 RACF Compliance Auditor

Meeting compliance provisions is made simple with Beta 96 RACF Compliance Auditor. Create meaningful audit reports for RACF compliance monitoring based on legal regulation (ISO 27000, IT basic protection manual).

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Beta 88 Report Generator

Beta 88 Report Generator ermöglicht SMF-Daten, RACF- und z/OS-Umgebungseinstellungen zu analysieren, um sicherheitsrelevante Verletzungen zu überprüfen und sicherzustellen, dass die tatsächlichen RACF-Einstellungen Ihr System ordnungsgemäß schützen.

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Beta Log Formatter

Der Beta Log Formatter ermöglicht SMF-Daten zu analysieren und aufzubereiten. SMF-Daten können in verschiedenen Formaten (CSV, XML) zur Weiterverarbeitung unter z/OS oder ausserhalb des Mainframes zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

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Beta 88 Resource Drill-Down Facility (RDF)

Beta 88 Resource Drill-Down Facility is a convenient, Windows-based application that simplifies analyses and reporting on RACF authorization structures as well as auditing/checking these. This provides both internal and external users with a complete view of existing authorizations without the need to directly access z/OS.

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Beta 89 Monitor

Beta 89 Monitor is an automated real-time monitoring system for authorization management in z/OS. It monitors all RACF activities and automatically escalates security-related events to the respective person in charge. Alerts can be issued via various channels (e-mail, z/OS console, TSO send…).

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Identity Access Management

Garancy IAM Suite

The Garancy IAM Suite combines all products needed to manage users and authorizations across the entire system landscape and corporate sites (identity access management). Workflows ensure that compliance and security provisions are observed while also speeding up the authorization processes.

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IT Operation Management

Master your entire infrastructure with the next generation ITOM platform.

Auconet BICS

Auconet BICS

Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS) delivers a fresh, efficient approach to control complex networks. Auconet BICS provides network infrastructure management for all vendors’ devices and endpoints, and also serves as the foundation for a new generation of IT infrastructure management.

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Discontinued Products

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