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Learn more about the strengths and new capabilities of Beta Systems' 7th product generation for z/OS data centers!

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Get the 16 page white paper now to learn more about:

  • New, modern user interface for the mainframe
  • Cost advantages as well as time and effort reduction
  • Optimization of security in IT operations and improved transparency in control
  • Automation of tasks and integration of Java and cloud solutions
  • Supported platforms and use of the latest technologies.
  • Introduction of new product names

This white paper is intended for IT management and IT operations professionals who are using IBM Z systems which are to be used in an optimized way.


With Symphony, we are setting the course for the next decade
with IBM Z.

Dr. Andreas Huth, Management Board Beta Systems

The Symphony products and their new names

With the launch of Symphony, our products are given new, meaningful names and an identifying product logo. With the product names of the new Symphony generation, the purpose and meaning of the applications are also accessible to new or occasional users.


The Symphony products and their new names

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