Discovery Suite

Data Center Intelligence for an Integrated IBM Z Mainframe

Discovery is the sixth generation of the highly successful Beta Systems product suite for IBM Z, which has become a de facto standard in countless data centers.

The suite comprises products for output management, document archiving and provisioning, workload automation, production data quality assurance, log data management and sophisticated access management using RACF.

Moreover, a smart agent network for integrating distributed systems and web-based user interfaces ensure that the Discovery Suite delivers a wide range of powerful functions that drive modern, integrated data center operations.

The Power of Discovery

  • Reliable & modern high-availability operation:
    The latest product generation builds on the proven reliability of previous generations and has been designed to deliver the highest level of availability. Enhanced data transfer, encryption and communication functions are available across the various components.
  • Packed with numerous enhancements:
    The basic product suite now includes many functions that used to be offered as extra options and expansions (e.g. BSA, Sysplex support, extended input, utilization of zIIP processors etc.)
  • Improved handling:
    The modern, web-based Web Enabler provides a redesigned user interface built to satisfy today’s usability standards.
  • IBM Z and z/OS support:
    Discovery supports the latest versions of IBM z/OS 2.1 and 2.2 and leverages new and upgraded operating system functions. Of course, the latest IBM Z hardware generations Z13 and Z14 are also fully supported.
  • Discovery agent network:
    Now each product comes with the Discovery agent network for integrating and connecting your IBM Z systems with the distributed world (e.g. Windows, Unix, Linux, iSeries and SAP systems). File transfer, workload automation and log management functions of the agent network further complement the Discovery products to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions.
  • Integrated compliance checks:
    The Compliance Auditor ideally complements the Discovery Suite by adding enhanced functions for meeting IT security provisions (as defined in the BSI list of basic IT security measures). Another set of compliance functions allows you to monitor and report on administrative tasks using your Discovery products.

Components of the Discovery Suite

Output Management and Document Archiving

Beta 93 Output Management & Archive

The perfect solution for processing and managing large data volumes such as lists, documents and print data on the mainframe. Our intelligent agent network even allows you to include data from distributed source systems.

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Workload Automation

Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager (EJM)

Thanks to its intelligent agent network, Enterprise Job Manager upgrades existing z/OS mainframe schedulers by adding the option of smoothly extending workload management to distributed systems & applications (under Linux, Unix, Windows, System i, SAP), including monitored data transfers.

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Enterprise Control Center

Enterprise Control Center provides a central tool for managing automatic IT processes. Use the fully graphical user interface and web services to configure programs and interactively control distributed workloads via the intelligent agent network of the Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager.

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Log Management

Beta 92 Log Management

Beta 92 Log Management enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output from workload management. The intelligent agent network performs mainframe job log data archiving tasks and additionally offers functions for collecting log data generated on any distributed platform in a company-wide log archive (e.g. Linux, Unix, Windows, System i, SAP system output).

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Quality Management

Beta 91 Data Quality Management

Beta 91 Data Quality Management delivers functions for the code-based verification of IT process data (log data, hit lists). When combined with workload automation solutions, this tool allows you to improve the quality of critical processes and individual process steps. And thanks to the intelligent agent network, the solution supports a vast range of platforms, from z/OS and Linux/Unix through to Windows, System i or SAP.

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Access Management

_beta access admin

_beta access admin is a comprehensive tool for managing z/OS RACF databases and access rights. It provides assistance with all administrative tasks and thus helps to reduce human errors or the abuse of RACF authorizations by implementing a special security concept. In addition, the tool offers extensive options for process automation and reporting.

_beta access admin replaces Beta 88 Administrator.

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_beta access easy

_beta access easy reduces the workload of RACF administrators by introducing the option of delegating standard tasks to helpdesk or specialist department staff. Routine tasks such as resetting passwords can be performed using a web-based interface based on the dual control principle for maximum protection.

_beta access easy replaces Beta 88 Web Helpdesk.

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_beta access audit

_beta access audit provides options that greatly facilitate the task of monitoring RACF and key z/OS settings. It also enables users to ‘freeze’ RACF data in generations that can then be handed over to auditors for inspection. By using a predefined security policy covering the managed data pool, which also includes explanatory texts on individual audit items, even auditors with little experience can perform high-quality audits.

_beta access audit replaces Beta 88 Auditor.

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Beta 96 Discovery Compliance Auditor

Meeting compliance provisions is made simple with Beta 96 Discovery Compliance Auditor. Create meaningful audit reports for RACF compliance monitoring based on legal regulation (ISO 27000, IT basic protection manual).

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_beta access report

_beta access report allows to analyze SMF data, RACF and z/OS environment settings to verify security breaches and ensure that actual RACF settings properly protect your system.

_beta access report replaces Beta 88 Report Generator.

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_beta smf

_beta smf enables you to analyze and process SMF data. SMF data can be made available in various formats (CSV, XML) for further processing under z/OS or outside the mainframe.

_beta smf replaces Beta Log Formatter.

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_beta access analyze

_beta access analyze is a convenient, Windows-based application that simplifies analyses and reporting on RACF authorization structures as well as auditing/checking these. This provides both internal and external users with a complete view of existing authorizations without the need to directly access z/OS.

_beta access analyze replaces Beta 88 Resource Drill-Down Facility (RDF).

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_beta access monitor

_beta access monitor is an automated real-time monitoring system for authorization management in z/OS. It monitors all RACF activities and automatically escalates security-related events to the respective person in charge. Alerts can be issued via various channels (e-mail, z/OS console, TSO send…).

_beta access monitor replaces Beta 89 Monitor.

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Our Services for the Discovery Suite

Beta Systems offers standardized service packages to assist you in implementing the Discovery Suite’s products, IT basic protection or the agent network.

If you want your projects to succeed, you need more than excellent software. We are at your side to help you get the most out of your investment. In concrete terms, we offer standardized Discovery product service packages that cover a set number of service days, ensuring that your solution is streamlined for minimum organizational and technical complexity. Furthermore, close cooperation on site means that you will be able to set up the new system and configure it precisely to your needs both quickly and with ease.

More information on our Discovery Migration Services

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