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Operlog Tools

Simplified z/OS Log Stream Handling

Operlog Tools allow you to minimize the risk of accidental system downtime and greatly reduce the time required to identify the root cause. The tools furthermore simplify viewing and archiving of z/OS log streams (such as OPERLOG).

Draw on powerful search functions that empower you to quickly home in on the piece of information you are looking for. Rapidly process and reliably archive millions of log entries. No problem at all with Operlog Tools from Beta Systems.

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Operlog Tools – z/OS Log Stream Applications

  • A powerful set of tools that drive your IT production
  • Provide your administrators and developers with log data both quickly and in a transparent manner.
  • Analyze IBM cluster log data.  
  • View millions of Sysplex operation data sets in OPERLOG.

Operlog Tools – Key Features


  • Quick searches deliver relevant information in a few seconds.
  • Draw on a comprehensive range of  filter options.


  • Gain full batch control of your Operlog data.
  • Enjoy simple access to Operlog data via JCL scripts.


  • Access Operlog data without compromising security.
  • Control access rights using RACF, TOP-Secret, ACF2, …


  • Save and retrieve Operlog data with ease.
  • Benefit from secure long-term archiving.

Simple and Fast Operlog Data Retrieval

The Operlog Manager means that finding and analyzing Operlog data no longer requires you to utilize two separate tools, because its unified interface facilitates central information access.

The Operlog Manager significantly simplifies the way users handle Operlog data. This allows administrators to analyze vast volumes of log data and pinpoint the cause of a fault faster than ever. 

Rapidly analyze errors thanks to detailed data access.

Operlog Tools offer powerful functions for analyzing your online and archived data stock via a simple-to-use interface. These functions allow you, among many other things, to evaluate serious production errors.

This is made possible by comprehensive selection and filter criteriathat you can configure for individual use or share with your team to  provide all contributing parties with a unified case view.

Narrow Down Root Causes

At the onset of troubleshooting an error, individual suspicious or critical messages, message parts or jobs are generally known. However, very often it is of equal importance to learn what happened right before or after an event.

The Operlog Tools provide you with a selection option that proves highly useful to your analysis as it allows you to define a time frame in seconds. The system then shows messages that occurred before and after the event for this interval. This unique function in particular simplifies the task of analyzing errors.

Product Details

Beta Systems Logstream Manager

  • Select log streams based on any criteria.
  • Use sort and filter functions.
  • View definitions and connections.
  • Clone and change log streams.
  • Perform SMF log stream queries.
  • Search log streams based on time or specific properties.

Beta Systems Operlog Manager

  • Display and archive Operlog data.
  • View (including batch) Operlog data based on date, time, system, message ID, job name, job ID or text.
  • View data in a defined time bracket (time before/after a specific point in time).
  • Save, load and share selection criteria.
  • Adjust the display according to site- and user-based definitions.

z/OS Sysplex

  • XCF communication interface
  • User open call

Put Operlog Tools to the test right now at no cost

How you stand to benefit from Operlog Tools

The Operlog Tools product facilitates fast, reliable and convenient identification and retrieval of relevant log information. Functions for viewing events that occurred just before or after an event allow you to rapidly find desired information. The dedicated batch interface of the Operlog Manager furthermore supports Operlog data access via custom JCL scripts. Moreover, Operlog data can be archived in a loss-free manner and viewed at any time.

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