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ProcMan allows users to make changes to scripts or objects for IT background processes in an automated manner.

IBM Scheduling Tools


XINFO (SmartIS) is an intuitive information system that provides you with all the IT production details you need for any given task.

IBM Scheduling Tools


SmartJCL checks the JCL – ahead of submission – for common errors, and eliminates problems at the source.


IBM Workload Scheduler Tools

Work made efficient with IWS


ProcMan – The Transfer Process Manager

Moving new or changed program packages from testing environments to the live system is a daily chore. And the challenge does not end with changes made to the programs themselves, but also includes updates to objects relevant for scheduling, such as JCL, scheduler definitions and control schemes.

ProcMan supports a broad range of organizational structures with these tasks, from simple environments, e.g. single-CPU test and live systems through to staging for multiple environments and distributed across various computers for different clients. Given this scope, ProcMan is the ideal tool for a large number of special needs that arise in production-driven environments.

The solution is operated via user-friendly screens, and JCL as well as scheduler definitions are automatically adapted to each environment and archived.

  • Automatically check data objects according to your individual rule set.
  • Assign object according to roles or processes.
  • Access automatically versioned objects in the archive.
  • Standardize the transfer process for batch objects according to fixed conventions.
  • Create reports or cross references of alterations in the scheduling context with ease.

XINFO – The IT Information System

XINFO is an IT information system that handles any data request, from basic lookups all the way to comprehensive and complex queries, and delivers analyses for any data. Better yet, access is made possible from different IT systems. Simple commands are used to display logically connected data.

This makes it easy to rapidly answer critical questions with little effort. XINFO provides a cross-referencing system that empowers managers, application developers and production planners to generate analyses and reports simply and speedily.

Get Fast Answers with XINFO:

  • Where is the ABC file being used?
  • Which batch jobs access the XYZ program?
  • Which DB2 tables are being used in the specific context XY?
  • Which PSBs are being used in the specific context YZ?
  • Which main programs call the ABC subapplication?
  • Which batch jobs were active last Monday at 3:30 a.m.?
  • Which batch jobs terminated with a specific return code?
  • On which days will a specific batch job be executed in the future?
  • What are the batch job’s successors?

SmartJCL – The Easy Way to Faultless JCL

In order for today’s modern businesses to remain competitive, Production systems must be highly available and reliable. Job Control Language (JCL) is an essential part of keeping systems running smoothly. Errors in JCL coding can have detrimental effects on Production and cause unwanted delays.

SmartJCL checks the JCL – ahead of submission – for common errors, and eliminates problems at the source. This dramatically reduces the number of Abends, which, in turn, eliminates time wasted during a tight batch window. The associated expenses of searching for problem sources under a time constraint – often during the middle of the night – are also greatly reduced.

IBM Workload Scheduler Tools

IBM Workload Scheduler for Distributed Platforms

IWS/WebAdmin – Web interface for IWS ds

IWS/WebAdmin delivers a web browser-based interface to the IBM Workload Scheduler. The web browser offers superior usability and comprehensive functions.

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IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS

IWS/WebAdmin – Web interface for IWS z/OS (TWS z/OS)

IWS/WebAdmin delivers a web browser-based interface to the IBM Workload Scheduler z/OS. The web browser offers superior usability and comprehensive functions.

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IWS/Graph – Graphics, documentation and monitoring for IWS z/OS

IWS/Graph transforms order and job networks associated with the application definition and the daily plan into network and bar diagrams. Additional functions include a loop check, extensive documentation of the order definition incl. a yearly calendar and the JCL, an ISPF-based cross-reference as well as monitoring down to the business level, to name but a few features.

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IWS/Audit – Auditing system for IWS z/OS

IWS/Audit documents all changes made in IWS z/OS. This enables you to easily identify changes, new entries and deletions while also serving as a complete audit report.

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IWS/BatchAD – System for the automatic alteration of all IWS z/OS definitions

Interface to all IWS z/OS definitions for bulk changes, exports and imports that allows you to implement comprehensive or complex changes both quickly and reliably.

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IWS/BatchCP – Machine-based interface to the IWS z/OS daily plan

This tool reduces the burden of repetitive manual chores in the daily plan (CP) by automating them. Interface for bulk changes and for the simple generation of CP data lists using unique selection options.

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