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In order to gain the customers’ trust and loyalty, you have to understand their requirements and offer the right solutions that address those needs. We believe in maintaining close customer ties and being aware of their needs at all times – and for this reason we have set up a steadily growing network of external Beta Systems sales partners to complement our direct sales activities.
Our partners have extensive sales networks of their own and know the specific requirements of the various relevant industries and markets. It is this know-how that allows us to market and sell Beta Systems products and solutions across the globe.

Our Partners


Al-Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co. is our sales partner for the Middle East region. The company is a leading provider of IT and communication solutions. According to Arab News, the company joined Saudi Arabia’s list of top 100 businesses four years ago.


ddk-software is a software sales organization that specializes in the provisioning of system management software addressing the needs of mid-sized and large companies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

GFS Software

Brazil-based GFS Software develops high-availability, highly reliable z/OS infrastructure software. The company also acts as a distributor in Brazil for software developers of international acclaim.


SOFTRON, founded in 1981, has accumulated experience in developing and implementing IT solutions over more than 30 years. The company has regional offices in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.


Versaria is our sales partner in Mexico. Versaria serves customers across various industries, including the banking, insurance and telecommunications sector.

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