Control Center for
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Enterprise Control Center

Modern Web Interface for Beta Systems z/OS Applications

The Enterprise Control Center is used to control Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager (EJM). It improves the operational reliability, reduces administration workloads and allows non-mainframe users to rapidly access information residing in z/OS backends.

Enterprise Control Center

  • Highly Transparent IT Production:
    Use dashboards that provide a quick overview of your Beta Systems products and the processes & activities executed in this environment.
  • Web Interface:
    Provide your specialist departments with IT-related information via a modern web interface.
  • Simple Administration:
    Manage your Beta Systems products in a modern web interface.
    Use wizards to create and change definitions. 
  • Automation via Web API:
    Use the web API to access information and functions held/executed in your Beta Systems backends.

Key Features

New Usability Concept for Mainframe Products

Today’s younger data center staff have a broader scope that goes beyond the mainframe and therefore have very different expectations and needs as regards usability.

The modern Enterprise Control Center web application provides your employees with easy access and intuitive administration of Beta Systems solutions. Enterprise Control Center thus perfectly complements the proven traditional ISPF and command line interfaces for the mainframe.

Automation Made Simple

Use the Enterprise Control Center to control thousands of agents comprising your Discovery Agent Network on the various platforms and servers of your IT landscape.

Assign the workload to distributed servers at a click of the mouse while controlling it centrally via the mainframe. This provides you with an easy and fast way of connecting applications operated under Unix, Linux and Windows with the centralized automation process.

The Discovery agent is installed on the servers that execute the automation process. The central system controls the network and dispatches the jobs.

Enterprise Contral Center delivers a modern web interface that gives you all the functions you need to monitor and manage every connected system and agent.

Product Details


  • Dashboard providing an overview of current error states of EJM jobs & agents
  • Drill-down option from the dashboard instantly delivers details on faulty EJM jobs or agents
  • Overview of EJM job status information with the option of simultaneously viewing multiple backends
  • Overview of agent status information
  • Usage information online or as a document export


  • Search & select EJM jobs in one or multiple EJM instances using filtering and a text-based search function
  • Direct access to EJM job details and job scripts
  • View generated job logs
  • View parent/child information relating to SAP
  • Intervention tools for operators


  • Integrate new agents into one or multiple EJM instances
  • ECC Task Wizard for defining new agents and systems
  • Generate web servicecalls
  • Simulate new definitions before applying them
  • Enable separate password assignment for individual agents

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