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31/03/2014 - Press release

Beta Systems Releases New Generation of Discovery Software

  • Fully designed for new IBM z/OS 2.1 operating system
  • Over 80 new functions and analyses available now
  • Multi-platform agent network ready for immediate use
  • Integrated IT baseline protection checks based on ISO 2700X

Berlin, Germany. March 31, 2014 – Beta Systems today announced the release of Discovery, its new generation of standard software. The new solution is the most technologically advanced portfolio of essential products for output, log, workload and security management for the intelligent datacenter. Beta Systems’ software solutions have been supporting centralized data processing at larger enterprises ever since the first generation was introduced more than 30 years ago. Discovery provides a range of new functions that respond to customers’ growing demand for secure processing of business-critical IT processes and applications. Alongside many new compliance, performance and analysis functions, the new product generation provides comprehensive support for z/OS 2.1, IBM’s recently released operating system for enterprise computing.

Over 80 innovative functions for multi-platform use, integrated compliance checks and centralized information capture
One of the highlights of the more than 80 innovative functions is that Discovery products enable customers to process data cost-effectively on IBM z-Systems, while leveraging interfaces to system platforms from other vendors. The new system architecture allows customers to benefit from the use of special information processors (such as zIIP) and run datacenter workloads as cost-effectively as possible.

The integrated multi-platform agent network executes data processing jobs on all enterprise and SAP systems. Its high-availability and failover management makes it ideal for business-critical processes and applications. It creates a single point of information that combines data from several Discovery applications and makes them available to IT or business departments in the form of graphical reports.

Customers can use the special Data Privacy package to separate output into private und non-private data, mask it and deliver it using relevant access methods – such as those used in the context of an enquiry from public authorities – without compromising the protection of data relating to private customers (e.g. those of a bank). As well as monitoring applications, Discovery also provides automated checks on important security parameters and functions, in accordance with current IT protection requirements.

“Beta Systems continuously invests in new and ongoing development for its datacenter products and has significantly increased its development capacity in this area over the last year,” comments Arne Bassler, Director Strategy & Communication at Beta Systems Software AG. “We are the only vendor that has been able to deliver a new product generation – our Discovery products – coordinated with our partner IBM and coinciding with the release date of z/OS 2.1. That has enabled us to offer worldwide and immediate support to an increasing number of customers, for whom security, cost-effectiveness and availability are important. These customers also want to use the latest technologies in areas essential to the business, including output, log or workload management.”
In addition to the expanded functionality in Discovery, Beta Systems is also

making a range of further functions available as part of the core products and without the need for separate licenses. This supports customers’ increasing requirements for cost-effectiveness in the datacenter.

Beta Systems also offers integrated service packages, which support customers during the deployment of the new Discovery products, IT baseline security, and the agent network, while facilitating fast and easy implementation.

“Beta Systems and IBM have been working together in a close partnership for many years, resulting in a growing and complementary portfolio,” explains Stefan Exner, CEO of Beta Systems. “Customers who have z/OS as an important part of their core datacenter will find that the ideal solution for them is Beta Systems combined with IBM”.

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