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12/11/2013 - Press release

Beta Systems announces new ‘Discovery’ software generation for the intelligent data center

  • Central control and monitoring for modern multi-platform data centers
  • Cross-system and -platform data center intelligence solution 
  • Integrated IT compliance monitoring
  • Full support of the new IBM z/OS 2.1 functions

Berlin, November 12, 2013 – The Discovery product generation from Beta Systems to be released in the spring of 2014 will provide customers with various new and significantly expanded functions across the entire product range. The multi-platform software solutions for z/OS-based data centers with Unix, Linux and Windows servers optimize core business processes across the entire IT infrastructure. The solutions address the needs of large corporations, IT service providers and public institutions. The Discovery infrastructure software empowers companies to implement the level of information availability, data security and adherence with compliance rules they require to securely operate their critical corporate applications.

The new product generation provides a broad set of new, distinct functions and expands the function range of the data center products Beta 91, Beta 92, Beta 93 and Beta 88 and the underlying system architecture. All products of the Discovery generation support the new IBM z/OS 2.1 functions and draw on the new multi-platform-capable, multi-purpose Discovery agent network and its extended reporting features.

“Our data center solutions serve as the technological backbone of all core IT applications. The Discovery product generation makes the information required for smooth operations available for cross-platform access from a central location in the data center,” says Arne Baßler, Director Strategy and Communication at Beta Systems Software AG. “The integrated ‘intelligence’ of the new Discovery generation means that companies can now process information from all z/OS and non-z/OS sources for downstream use in the data center both intuitively and highly efficiently. This allows customers to quickly respond to errors or deviations and launch processes even outside the z/OS platform, for instance to start activities in SAP or other corporate applications,” explains Karl-Heinz Werner, Senior Product Manager at Beta Systems Software AG.

The Discovery product generation includes an integrated and multi-platform-capable agent network. The harmonized network can be used for processing jobs and documents as well as for log information. It enables the collection, bundling and evaluation of this data from across all platforms at a central location in the data center. As it is now also possible to process non-z/OS platform workload, companies can evaluate key IT system data at a central location and automatically react to predefined data patterns. This reinforces the position of the mainframe as a high-availability corporate platform. The integrated multi-purpose agent network is complemented by new and enhanced reporting functions of the Discovery product range. These functions empower companies, for example, to easily trace information to answer questions such as “who changed what key system settings at what time and date?” It is furthermore possible to generate automated change reports for the major products. The integrated user interface offers a drill-down function that allows administrators and compliance officers to obtain further information and display them as a report.

In addition, Beta Systems’ Discovery generation contains numerous standardized extension packages, such as volume-based packages for processing ‘non-z/OS workload’ or SAP packages for addressing SAP modules and evaluating data processed in SAP.

Compliance checks integrated in Discovery include real-time access monitoring and harmonized expansion packages such as Data Privacy for output management.

The new Windows-like look & feel, drag-&-drop functionality as well as web access integration via the Beta Web Enabler introduce a whole new level of user comfort for all z/OS mainframe software products.

Beta Systems provides customers with integrated standard service packages that facilitate the fast and simple introduction of the new Discovery products and implementation of the agent network or e. g. compliance audit workshops.

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