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KIRU helps numerous municipalities optimize their print output through reducing the annual print volume by over 20 million pages.

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Previously, notices were printed right away and then sent to the customer. If a processor entered the wrong information, we had to scrap the entire batch. Now that the processors can use Web Enabler to access the specialist procedure output and verify the data, we benefit from extensive savings in terms of printing and paper costs.

Peter-Georg Herkommer – Application Management


After having decided to transition from the mainframe to a client-server architecture for municipal specialist applications, KIRU was in need of a Unix/Windows output management system that captures and seamlessly delivers the functions previously executed on a z/OS-based solution. In order to reduce printing volumes and help customers move to paper-free workflows, the IT service provider was furthermore on the lookout for a web-based technology that supports user-friendly document access throughout the public agency.


Daily IT operations greatly benefit from Beta UX and its functions for sorting, bundling and dispatching the diverse, high-volume output generated in the various specialist applications to KIRU’s clients in neat and easy-to-handle packages. Also, the cost of bulk mailings is minimized thanks to optimized franking. Moreover, by combining the output management solution with Beta Web Enabler, printing costs are reduced substantially because processors gain online access to lists and documents from within their specialist applications, empowering them to view detailed information directly via this web interface.

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