Output- & Log Management
with Document Archive

Beta UX Suite

Proven Document-Based Information Processing for the Open System World

Many companies are faced with the daily challenge of processing and then distributing vast amounts of data to customers, partners or within the company. The Beta UX Suite greatly enhances your end-to-end corporate document-based information processing capabilities by delivering essential output and log management functions combined with powerful, audit-compliant archiving.

Among many other features, the Beta UX Suite makes many of the numerous functions and document formats supported by Beta Systems’ products for IBM Z – Beta 93 Output Management & Archive, LDMS/z and Beta 92 Log Management – available on non-mainframe platforms.

Beta UX Suite – High Versatility

  • Output management:
    Powerful, failsafe and highly scalable output management for reliable production.
  • Document archiving and provisioning:
    Audit-compliant archiving of vast volumes of data and rapid searching/provisioning even for large user bases via intuitive, web-based user interfaces.
  • Log management:
    Reliable processing, checking and archiving of different log data from various source systems (e.g. SAP processing logs, scheduler logs, …).
  • Great flexibility:
    Process documents and data originating from a large host of source systems in a solution that supports nearly any document format. Convert, split, bundle or combine document data and forward it to multiple output channels.
  • Top-level security:
    Define in detail who is authorized to read or annotate which data, documents or specific document sections.
  • Interfaces for smooth integration:
    Combine Beta UX with web services or the Beta UX API command interface to integrate your own applications with ease.
  • Low-cost transaction bulk printing:
    Beta UX supports long-established document and print formats under Linux and Unix, allowing you to replace or complement your existing mainframe output solution portfolio.
  • Manage mainframe archives without the mainframe:
    Many mainframe customers implement Beta UX Suite products to gain the ability to provide access to archived data without getting the mainframe involved. Reasons include cost cutting (e.g. MIPS reduction) or migration projects.

Beta UX forms part of our comprehensive solution, which includes Beta 93 Output Manager, a form designer, a converter and the Beta Web Enabler. The latter has proven highly useful, because it allows us to rapidly provide documents to employees in a user-friendly, pleasing design.

Authorized Signatory Dipl.-Ing. Robert Fleischer, Head of System Engineering and Production, 3BEG

Overview of the Beta UX Suite’s Products

Beta UX

Beta UX DistributionMaster provides companies with a central output manager that delivers features covering document capture, conversion, archiving and provisioning across multiple output channels.

Beta UX DistributionMaster

Beta UX

The powerful Beta UX ContentMaster document archive enables you to manage and archive documents and moreover provides functions for convenient document access.

Beta UX LogMaster

Beta UX

Beta UX LogMaster provides functions for storing, archiving and provisioning log data or job output in a central archive.

Beta UX LogMaster

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