Log Management
Beta UX LogMaster

Company-Wide Access to Key Log Data

The Beta UX LogMaster solution enables your company to manage log data across various platforms and formats. Bring together corporate data generated on a vast range of source systems, including the mainframe, Windows, Linux/Unix systems and applications (e.g. SAP) at a central point and make it available to all relevant users from there.

Find, Analyze & Archive Job Output and Log Data

  • Monitor your IT automation: Gain full control of your job schedulers, such as: $Universe, Automic, Control-M, TWS/d, APX and streamworks.
  • Centralized log management: Use Beta UX LogMaster as a central repository for all system activities.
  • Full-text search simplifies data forensics: Easily retrieve all system messages and analyze logs in a central repository.
    Rapidly and intelligently search vast data pools.
  • Enforce compliance with guidelines: Gain invaluable support in monitoring compliance provisions including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, BSI, Basel II as well as internal guidelines.

Company-wide log management – major European companies bring clarity and efficiency to their IT production with solutions from Beta Systems.

Key Features

Versatile Enterprise Log Management

Beta UX LogMaster turns log data generated by operating systems, databases, schedulers and other applications into a treasure trove of information. To name but one key benefit, the resulting information alerts you to critical issues and thus empowers you to optimize your process landscape. Moreover, users gain simple, quick and transparent access to important data managed at a central location.

Transform data into information.

Job Scheduler Log Management

Job schedulers are at the core of your daily IT production. A vast number of transactions are executed on various systems second by second. To stay on top of things, many of our customers thus utilize Beta UX LogMaster as the central log repository that drives their IT automation:

  • Retention times are set in observation of IT compliance regulations.
  • Improved batch performanceof the job scheduler
  • Rapidly identify the root cause of erroneous events.
  • Provide development or support teams with direct access to log data.
  • Dedicated assignment of access rights provides users with needs-based access to information.

Log Data Safely Under Control

LogMaster precisely gathers the information that matters. Regardless of how deeply data is buried in logs or subfolders, intuitive functions allow you to automate your entire log management workflow. This significantly reduces time and resource expenditures and improves your processing quality.

Audit-compliant archiving

Processed data is delivered in a format that ensures audit-compliant, efficient long-term archiving. Log data from a host of sources is brought together in a central repository from where it can be retrieved and acted upon across the various corporate platforms and applications.

Beta UX LogMaster easily scales with your growth and ensures that data is stored and accessed in compliance with legal GRC (governance, risk & compliance) standards and internal regulations.

Beta Systems helps companies move from z/OS to Unix.

Product Details

Beta UX LogMaster is a tool for the company-wide log file management and processing across platforms and applications. It offers functions for the centralized analysis and archiving of all system activities. This facilitates transparent and audit-compliant long-term data storage.


  • Logs generated in workload automation systems and job schedulers
  • Operating system logs
  • Mainframe logs
  • Windows logs
  • Unix & Linux logs
  • Logs from tools and applications
  • SAP logs


  • Convenient and smart searching
  • Powerful log data indexing & annotation feature
  • At-a-glance information when viewing data thanks to view profiles and notes
  • Rapid access to log data for developers and support teams
  • Automatic error notification

Security & Compliance

  • Audit-compliant long-term archive
  • Retention times (online/archive) in line with provisions and the log type
  • Highly granular access rights scheme ensures secure access to log data
  • Integrated archive

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