Central Output-Manager
Beta UX DistributionMaster

Solution for Document and Print Data Processing

Beta UX DistributionMaster is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing and providing bulk document data from any source system and in any format and scope.

The application allows you to integrate complex application systems such as SAP in addition to any well-established mainframe document format. Moreover, you can centrally archive documents in an audit-compliant manner and provide them online at little cost. You further gain functions for flexibly preparing data from various document sources for bulk printing and distribution.

Beta UX DistributionMaster as a Central Output and Archive Solution

  • Centralized data management:
    Reliable reading, processing, distribution and storage of corporate documents – for any volume and regardless of their source system and target format
  • Centralized output management:
    Convert, bundle, index and archive documents of any size. Draw on and integrate document sources on mainframe, Windows/Linux/Unix or SAP systems.
  • Audit-compliant document archive:
    Archive large volumes of documents in accordance with your requirements regarding audit and legal compliance (incl. automatic deletion after expiration of the retention time).
  • Top-level security: 
    Define in detail who is authorized to read or annotate which data, down to specific documents or even document sections.
  • Interfaces for smooth integration:
    Combine Beta UX with web services or the Beta UX API command interface to integrate your own applications with ease.
  • Bring simplicity to searching, accessing and annotating documents: 
    Provide specialist departments with precisely controlled, yet simple and quick access to any type of document or extensive lists from any source system. Enable your staff to add comments to documents without compromising audit-compliant archiving. Access all these functions via convenient web-based user interfaces.

Universal Music Group uses Beta UX DistributionMaster

Vladimir Flener from Universal Music Group describes the usage of Beta Systems' software solutions Beta UX DistributionMaster in their data center.

Beta UX forms part of our comprehensive solution, which includes Beta 93 Output Manager, a form designer, a converter and the Beta Web Enabler. The latter has proven highly useful, because it allows us to rapidly provide documents to employees in a user-friendly, pleasing design.

Procurement Manager Dipl.-Ing. Robert Fleischer,
Head of System Engineering and Production, 3BEG

Extensive Cost Reduction Opportunities

  • Low-cost transaction bulk printing:
    Beta UX supports long-established document and print formats under Linux and Unix, allowing you to replace or complement your existing mainframe output solution portfolio.
  • Manage mainframe archives without the mainframe
    Many mainframe customers implement Beta UX Suite products to gain the ability to provide access to archived data without getting the mainframe involved. Reasons include cost cutting (e.g. MIPS reduction) or migration projects.
  • Reduce your mainframe costs: Team up Beta 93 Output Management & Archive or other IBM Z mainframe products with our Beta UX solution to reduce your mainframe load and cost by delegating jobs to Linux or Unix systems.
  • SAP integration: Integrate data originating from your SAP systems and connect these with your central Beta UX DistributionMaster output management solution, or simply provide company-wide access to SAP data as a means to cut your SAP licensing fees.

Key Features

Powerful Document Archiving Solution

Beta UX DistributionMaster reads large documents – as are common in transaction bulk printing applications – from various business applications in a wide range of formats and performs complex output management operations. You have the option of separating, bundling, converting, distributing, printing, archiving and performing subsequent searches by selecting from a wide range of criteria. To facilitate optimum handling and distribution, Beta UX DistributionMaster provides the documents with cover pages, tables of contents, reference lists and control codes for process automation (e.g. barcodes, OMRs).

Multi-Channel Output Management

Beta UX DistributionMaster handles all your document-related processes, from document collection (e.g. from SAP transactions or mainframe applications) and multi-channel distribution through to legally compliant archiving. Choose one or multiple output channels for your documents, including professional bulk or individual print jobs, PDFs or e-mails. View documents online using the web-based user interface or directly from within your corporate web applications.

Sophisticated Cost-Saving Security Concept

With Beta UX DistributionMaster you have full control when configuring detailed access rights, even down to individual document sections. This way, you can limit the access of external recipients and corporate users to precisely those parts of large documents (or bundles) relevant to them. Thanks to web-based searching and viewing in the Web Enabler, Beta UX DistributionMaster can help your company reduce print costs on a significant scale.

Product Details

Utilizing and Processing SAP Data

Read and store SAP print data (documents, lists etc.) with Beta UX DistributionMaster. Data is provided via a user-friendly and fast web-based interface.

  • Generates massive cost savings as no SAP user license is required to access the documents or lists. The solution also reduces load peaks.
  • Upgrades to a new ERP release do not result in follow-up costs for adjusting a specialized output solution.
  • Complement your SAP systems by adding functions for archiving and distributing preconfigured reports and documents.
  • The delivered documents are archived rather than database content (audit-compliant archiving).

Centralized High-Performance Printing & Processing of AFP Data Streams

Beta UX DistributionMaster is a combined output management system and archive that provides extensive printing functions for printing documents, sending documents to other systems and applications, or distributing them via e-mail. Beta UX DistributionMaster also supports various printing modes: automatic, manual on demand or batch.

  • Read, report on and bundle data; manage the print workflow.
  • Include banners, logos or barcodes.
  • View AFPDS in text mode or using the separate AFP viewer (WYSIWIG).
  • Conversion of print data streams when storing AFP documents together with their original resources: AFP to AFPDS and AFPDS to PCL, PostScript or PDF

Intelligent Formatting and Conversion

Gain output that has been optimized for each channel: With Beta UX DistributionMaster, you can format and convert your documents prior to output/distribution. Beta UX DistributionMaster offers comprehensive formatting options and even allows you to adapt output so it matches your corporate design.

  • PDF
  • PostScript
  • PCL
  • ESCDIC, ASCII, Unicode and a vast number of additional conversion options

Combine and Process Documents

Does your company generate troves of data, such as account transactions, delivery notes/bills of materials or files that document all your corporate digital actions?

Beta UX DistributionMaster processes this data to ensure that all recipients only get the data they actually need to perform the given task and are only shown data they are authorized to see. This is done by applying sophisticated algorithms that ‘cut up’ documents to create partial documents that do not reveal any sensitive information to the recipient.

Group different document sources as early as the data capture stage by separating data according to recipient, region or any other criterion. Beta UX DistributionMaster also offers an optional automation component that empowers you to precisely control when documents are distributed and printed, for instance at night when the server load is generally low.

Beta UX DistributionMaster – Product Details


Printing, file download, mail, archive, fax and web interfaces. Use of control codes (OMR, MICR, barcode, data matrix and many more)


UNIX/Linux, Windows, mainframe, SAP, CRM, ERP, ...


Merge data from various sources into a single data stream; single documents can be over 100 MB.

Data Formats

TXT, ASCII, XML, EBCIDIC, MO:DCA, PDF, CSV, PS, AFP, AFPDS, PCL, Line Mode, Post Script and ...


SAP BC-XOM, Tivoli, Centera and Hitachi, Domea, TWS, Beta 93, $Univers, Automic, Control-M, SAP, J2U, Web API, ...

Printing Protocols

IPP, LPR, Direct Socket, PJL, SNMP

Print Servers

Océ PRISMA +, IBM Info Print Manager, Xerox Print Server, Unispool Print Server, Macro4 Print Server, LPRng


High scalability and load balancing with HACMP support


Enterprise UNIX and Linux platforms

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