z/OS Log Management
Beta 92 Log Management

Reliable and secure IT production driven by log data

Beta 92 Log Management enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output from workload management.

The intelligent agent network performs mainframe job log data archiving tasks and additionally offers functions for collecting log data generated on any distributed platform in a company-wide log archive (e.g. Linux, Unix, Windows, System i, SAP system output).

Beta 92 Log Management reduces the load on scheduling systems, facilitates transparent audits and helps you reduce the cost of automating SAP processes.

Beta 92 Log Management Helps You Gain Better Control of Your IT Production

  • Log management and IT security: Check and archive your job and process logs – across all platforms. Access job logs in the long-term archive or provide software developers with direct access to log data.
  • Mainframe power: Implement a failsafe production environment that features integrated XCF technology.
  • Scalable and cost-efficient IT production: Reduce the z/OS workload by up to 25% by utilizing zIIP processors.
  • Big data: Facilitate big data analyses by introducing a system that automatically forwards application and security logs. Enable ad-hoc reporting on SMF logs.
  • Workload automation & job scheduling: Utilize the built-in Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager (Beta 92 EJM) to automate distributed applications and servers. Integrate log data originating from mainframe schedulers such as Control-M.
  • DC accounting: Quantify data center services down to the last byte and centrally manage your IT batch job output.

Beta 92 Log Management empowers us to meet the entire range of IT governance, risk and compliance regulations that apply to Italian banks.

Gennaro de Luca, ICT Manager at SEC SERVIZI

Key Features

Centralized Access to Batch Job Information

Integrating logs in Beta 92 Log Management from distributed systems means that users require simple and cross­platform access to the stored and archived logs. The Java-based log browser allows Unix, Linux, SAP and Windows IT experts to view the results of their automated batch jobs at any time.

Quick Assistance with IT Production Issues

Beta 92 Log Management helps your company apply the proven management-by-exception concept to the distributed system world. Errors detected by means of deviation criteria are escalated via e-mail.

Reliable Data Center Accounting

The integrated statistics monitor of Beta 92 Log Management enables you to determine and provide proof of the number of logs read. This makes it possible to determine the utilization of individual systems and precisely quantify the service rendered to internal and external customers by the data center. In short: Your performance becomes measurable.

Boost Your Mainframe & IT Production Performance

Beta 92 Log Management is a powerful and failsafe mainframe log management tool. It also provides an integrated cross-coupling facility (XCF) that helps you balance the load of your z/OS environment. Beta 92 flexibly scales to the performance you need, thus easily keeping stride with your growth:

Company-wide log management – major European companies bring clarity and efficiency to their IT production with solutions from Beta Systems.

Product Details

  • Optimized corporate processes and resource savings thanks to enhanced capabilities of your data center infrastructure
  • Centralized controlling and archiving of job and process logs generated across the entire company
  • Centralized management of distributed production processes
  • Automatic preselection of job and process logs based on deviation criteria
  • Single point of control for the configuration of checking rules for files and SAP data
  • Flexible log management separated according to the data center and distributed platforms
  • Beta 92 integrates job and process logs of distributed systems.
  • Web interface for viewing files and logs online
  • Java-based user interface for viewing files and logs
  • Provide external users with transparency over the production status.
  • Gain operational reliability thanks to efficient log management for distributed systems.
  • Get accurate load information for individual systems (job and process logs captured per platform).
  • Additional, distributed production capacity Quantifiable data center performance


  • PKI support
  • SSL communication
  • RACF integration
  • JES spool security

Integration with z/OS

  • Accessing log data from TWS
  • Accessing reports from Beta 93
  • JES2 + JES3 supported

Big Data

  • Makes use of hardware compression and zIIP processors

SAP Production

  • Single point of control for the configuration of checking rules for files and SAP data

Workload Automation

  • Additional, distributed production capacities thanks to the integrated agent network

High Availability

  • Dynamic workload balancing incl. failover management
  • Fault-tolerant agent network (multi-STC capable) with routers for corporate networks

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Log Management

Beta 92 Log Management enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output received from workload management.

Beta 92 – Mainframe Log Management

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