_beta job|z
Enterprise Job Manager
(Beta 92 EJM)

We connect worlds: _beta job|z conveniently connects all your distributed servers and the applications hosted there (e.g. SAP) with the mainframe.

Control your automated processes across all relevant platforms while saving costs at the same time. We support any mainframe scheduler and all common operating system platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM System i and IBM Z).

_beta job|z replaces Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager EJM.

Expand the Reach of Your Mainframe Workload Automation Solution

  • Boost the power of your server systems by implementing integrated dynamic workload balancing.
  • A high level of system stability is guaranteed thanks to automatic failover management and high tolerance to system failures or network interruptions.
  • Automate application processes and servers by means of event-based scheduling.
  • Reduce your mainframe operating overhead by delegating workload tasks to distributed systems using smart agents.
  • Integrate SAP systems and additional applications with your complex automation workflows (among the mainframe, SAP and distributed servers).
  • Use _beta job|z integrated file transfer functions to simplify data transfer jobs.
  • Provide admins with _beta control, a convenient tool for controlling batch processes based on a web interface.

Come together Part I - The Tales of Mainframe Island - The Integration of IWS and EJM

This is a video presentation on the integration of IWS and EJM. This is a story about the batch job processing of a typical but imaginary data center, which may have happened somewhere in this way or something similar.

Video in German with English and French subtitles.


Come together Part II - The Secrets of Mainframe Island - How IWS and EJM work together

This is a video presentation about the technique of combining IWS and EJM. An overview of EJM, some configuration examples and important functions are shown. There are some examples from a typical but imaginary data center.

Video in German with English and French subtitles.


Come together Part III - The Magic of Mainframe Island - What else EJM can do

This is a video presentation about features of EJM not yet presented. There are some examples from a typical but imaginary data center.

Video in German with English and French subtitles.


_beta job|z is used by major car manufacturers to bring added efficiency to their IT automation.

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Extend Your Mainframe Scheduler by Adding an Agile Agent Network

Cross-Platform Job Scheduling

Batch job automation under z/OS in centralized as well as distributed IT landscapes is what makes the agent network so attractive. Whatever the task at hand – SAP transactions as part of your month-end closing process or outsourcing the batch workload to non-z/OS systems – the powerful agent network provides you with a single point of control for just-in-time batch job management.

  • Faster integration with IT processes thanks to a powerful script engine (incl. Windows Powershell support)

Rapid Application Provisioning

_beta job|z allows your batch workload to be distributed among distributed servers while controlling it centrally via the mainframe and z/OS scheduler. The key benefit is that this makes it very simple to connect a large range of applications operated under Unix, Linux and Windows with the centralized automation process.

  • Asynchronous communication between the agent und z/OS scheduler reduces the job scheduler load.
  • Fully automatic application control based on event triggering
  • Integrated managed file transfer

Application Automation Using Event Control

Moreover, business applications such as ERP or CRM can communicate with _beta job|z agents, allowing them to execute processes or transactions on the mainframe. Depending on your requirements, either the applications control the scheduler, or the scheduler controls the application. Both transaction methods offer high availability thanks to failover scenarios. With IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS/TWS), the event parameters are controlled directly via the exit interface.

Automating SAP® Systems

_beta job|z is frequently used in combination with SAP®. It delivers a powerful command set custom-designed for the direct automation of multiple SAP® systems. Batch job monitoring takes place directly in _beta job|z.

For many years, we employed a mix of different schedulers. While we could have continued to work with these distributed solutions, we wanted a central tool that can interface with the IWS.

Peter Breitenberger,
Head of the Mainframe System and Data Center Operation Division,
Information Technology Department of the state of Upper Austria

Product Details

Fast & Scalable

  • >100,000 jobs and >5,000 agents per day
  • High-frequency jobs (intervals <60 sec.)

Application Control

  • Powerful SAP® command set for Business Warehouse
  • Event Triggering Facility
  • Includes data quality check


  • (A)synchronous data connections
  • Direct communication with IBM z/OS scheduler IWS
  • Freed-up JES resources thanks to optimal IWS support

Ease of Administration

  • Centralized batch job administration
  • Error handling facilitated by comprehensive job log output

Control & Automation

  • External job launch from any z/OS scheduler
  • Managed auto update, auto initial installation, encrypted file transfer

Highly Available & Failsafe

  • Dynamic workload balancing incl. failover management
  • Fault-tolerant agent network (multi-STC capable) with routers for corporate networks

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