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Convenient and Secure z/OS Access Management

Our products for z/OS-based access management comprise a comprehensive authorization management solution for managing z/OS RACF (Beta 88 Suite) as well as the GARANCY Identity Access Management Suite for cross-system, company-wide identity and access management. The Garancy IAM Suite supports the z/OS security products IBM RACF, CA TopSecret and CA ACF2.

Access Rights Management for z/OS (Beta 88 Suite)

The Access Rights Management Suite for z/OS RACF (Beta 88 Suite) is an end-to-end solution for the easy and secure management of the IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF). The suite’s components include products for the user-friendly administration, reporting, auditing, analysis and monitoring of all your mainframe systems protected with RACF. As a member of the Discovery product generation, Beta 88 Suite furthermore has access to the integrated Discovery Agent Network.

  • Simplified administration, audit and monitoring saves time, money and nerves
    Simplifies complex RACF tasks, accelerates audits and brings transparency to your RACF authorization model
  • Centrally manage multiple z/OS systems & RACF databases
    Manage a broad range of z/OS RACF databases in a centralized, failsafe access management solution (multi-CPU, Sysplex and Monoplex support).
  • Better security thanks to an encapsulated access database
    An encapsulated access database based on a generation model enables you to roll back even the most complex RACF authorization changes in a single step.
  • Security monitoring and real-time alerts
    Monitor RACF changes and SMF access events in real time and receive automated alerts.
  • Self-service portal for users
    Delegate simple authorization tasks (e.g. password reset) to the HelpDesk or selected departmental users via a web-based self-service portal.
  • Meet compliance requirements
    Keep stride with increasing compliance requirements by means of convenient audit functions, automatic reports in PDF format, and a user-friendly Windows interface for auditors (without the need for having direct access to the z/OS system).

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Access Rights Management Suite for z/OS RACF (Beta 88 Suite)

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Function Areas

The suite’s six functional areas address all key RACF access management needs.

  • Administration
  • Auditing
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Self-service (via web portal)


Security Administration

  • Improved security thanks to minimized RACF access
  • Roll-back function based on generation concept
  • Scheduled assignment of access rights (timed commands)
  • Authorization delegation via web portal, supported in CICS, IMS and VTAM
  • Can be fully automated via JCL batch jobs
  • RACF database cleanup after bulk changes

Security Audit & Reporting

  • Last change (user & date) immediately visible
  • Real-time logging of each RACF change
  • Comparison of deviating RACF database states (generation concept)
  • Convenient audit and analysis options (Windows interface)
  • Predefined audit reports and checks that can be automated

Security Monitoring & Control

  • Real-time monitoring of SMF entries, RACF commands and security violations
  • Immediate alerting
  • Predefined rules and filters
  • Integrate existing operations monitoring systems

Product Overview

Beta 88 Administrator

Add, modify, copy, clone & delete based on enhanced security scheme (generation model).

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

Beta 88 Web HelpDesk

Distributed RACF administration via web-based portal safeguarded based on the dual control principle.

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

Beta 88 Auditor

Check and audit your RACF security system, SMF entries and z/OS control blocks.

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

Compliance Auditor

Automatic creation of audit reports for RACF compliance monitoring.

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

Report Generator

Various predefined reports combined with a powerful report generator for ad-hoc analyses.

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

Beta Log Formatter

Analyze, select, consolidate and provide SMF records in CSV and XML format.

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

Resource Drill-Down Facility (RDF)

User-friendly Windows application for analyzing RACF authorizations and databases.

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

Beta 89 Monitor

RACF & SMF real-time monitoring and automatic alerting when critical events occur.

Beta 88 – Access Rights Management for z/OS RACF

GARANCY Identity Access Management Suite

The GARANCY Identity Access Management Suite empowers you to manage users and their access rights across all corporate platforms. The role concept allows for mapping and managing even complex authorization models with ease. The GARANCY IAM Suite supports the external security managers IBM RACF, CA TopSecret and CA ACF2 on the z/OS platform.

More information on the GARANCY IAM Suite

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Operlog Tools

The Operlog Tools comprise solutions for rapidly identifying key operational or error information in central z/OS log streams by filtering out the relevant data from hundreds of thousands of entries.

Operlog Tools

Beta 92
Log Management

Beta 92 Log Management enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output received from workload management.

Beta 92 – Mainframe Log Management

Password Synchronization

Passwords are automatically synchronized with all connected systems and applications and implemented such that users can access all assigned applications.

Password Management

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