Beta Systems supports LVM on its way into the digital future

Consolidated IT processes under a uniform interface at the leading German primary insurer

Realignment: from the mainframe to open Linux and Windows scenarios

The goal of the realignment at LVM is to be able to adapt new processes more easily and quickly to the needs of customers – in other words, to become more agile.

More than 650 specialists in the insurance company’s corporate IT are responsible for this. They are moving applications to the cloud, replacing legacy applications on the current mainframe systems bit by bit with Java applications, and thus modernizing the entire IT infrastructure.

Implementation: Reorganization of mainframe operations

In order to achieve the goals of the realignment, the toolbox with which mainframe operations have been controlled up to now must be transformed. The existing schedulers will be replaced by modern workload automation and output management solutions.

This system, enhanced by Beta Systems for group-wide workload automation management, makes it possible to trigger and simultaneously monitor processes in a specific sequence and according to a schedule across different systems and platforms, and to do this from a uniform control point.

Result: compliance-oriented control and auditing of process chains

The implemented Beta Systems extensions combine the different logs of a business transaction regardless of their origin, thus providing LVM with a unique view and user experience of legally relevant logs in a clear and modern web user interface. “Log & Analysis for Control-M” is the name of the solution package from Beta Systems, which impressively extends the existing scheduler beyond the available range of functions from the manufacturer.

At LVM, the solution package has been taking effect since April 2021 and proves to the insurance group that Beta Systems is the right partner on the way to the digital future, as it demonstrably provides its solution expertise both in the mainframe world and in open architecture landscapes.

With premium income of just over four billion euros, investments of 21.4 billion euros, and more than 3.7 million customers with nearly 13.7 million policies, LVM is one of the 20 leading insurers in Germany.

Move away from classic monolithic z/OS operations to open Linux and Windows scenarios.

The existing schedulers are replaced by modern workload automation and output management solutions, tools for file transfer and the control of SAP jobs are replaced by BMC Control-M.

Christian Vaters, IT Teamleiter Orchestration Automation Management, LVM Versicherung
Christian Vaters, IT Teamleader Orchestration Automation Management

“By extending the workload solution with Beta Systems Log Analysis, we now have a comprehensive query system. It answers questions about quality assurance and provides traceability to the flow of process chains.”

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