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Knappschaft Bahn See

Jörg Hubernagel from the Knappschaft-Bahn-See describes the use of the software solution LDMS in the Mini Job Zentrale

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By using LDMS, we can get the work to the people much faster today. We always receive timely and constructive help from the Beta Systems experts in our practical day-to-day work. The cooperation is positive in every respect.

Dr. Erik Thomsen – Head of the Minijob-Zentrale

The challenge

Knappschaft Bahn See LDMS: The Minijob-Zentrale needed a powerful system for archiving incoming and outgoing documents for the seven million marginally employed persons in the commercial and private sectors. Processes were to be forwarded to clerks in a paperless manner.


LMDS – Betasystems: At Knappschaft, the document management and archiving system LDMS is part of a joint solution from Software Innovation GmbH and Océ Deutschland (now Open Text). It is characterized above all by its high performance, which makes it possible to process and archive particularly large volumes of documents on a daily basis.

  • Electronic archiving enables the Minijob-Zentrale’s case workers to access the 2.1 million employer files immediately, depending on their access authorization.
  • This is particularly helpful for the employees of the KBS service center in Cottbus with its 160 employees, who answer around 2.5 million calls a year and have to provide customers with information quickly.
  • In the area of the household job exchange, data quality is maintained at a high level via the creation of customer files in LDMS.