Simpler Handling of Legal Audit Regulations


Cope with mounting requirements

The trend of law makers to issue ever-stricter regulations that govern IT security and reporting puts increasing pressure on corporate audit departments, in particular in the financial sector. And when it comes to implementing the legal provisions (EuroSOX, Basel II), companies must adhere to the BSI’s IT list of measures, ISO 27002 as well as COBIT 4.0.

The respective measures and policies must be permanently monitored, any events (such as exceeding the maximum number of access attempts) must be documented, and the root cause must be investigated.
Such events can also refer to basic RACF settings (SETROPTS).

Powerful auditing tools

The Discovery software monitors the policies in real-time and generates meaningful audit reports that can be output as PDFs, e-mails or in CSV format for instant access by authorized personnel. The two-level log format (summary and detail reports) delivers transparent answers and saves you a lot of time.

What is CoBiT?

CobiT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) is an international model for monitoring all IT processes that is firmly established in the banking industry. The framework was developed by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) research institute. It comprises best practice procedures (IT governance) whose purpose is to ensure that IT processes cover the business goals and adequately monitor risks. CobiT defines concrete goals that internal as well as external auditors adhere to in many countries.


  • Immediately identify critical states or events thanks to dynamic auditing
  • Quickly and efficiently analyze large volumes of system information (such as config logs or event logs)
  • Findings are presented in an easy-to-interpret format, even for non-technical staff
  • Audit software contains well-documented and expandable z/OS policies designed according to current compliance regulations- Policies account for data from global RACF settings, the RACF database, SMF records as well as z/OS system settings
  • Flexibly extend policies (on your own or with the help of Beta Systems)
  • Simple integration thanks to Java-based user interface
  • Goes easy on resources: handle increasing audit requirements with the same staff
  • Improved IT security and quality
Beta Systems DCI Software AG

Beta Systems DCI Software AG provides high-quality infrastructure software products for the secure and efficient processing of large volumes of data to ensure compliance with all regulatory and corporate requirements. The multiplatform software solutions for z/OS, Unix, Linux and Windows environments automate, document and analyze business-critical IT processes in the datacenters of large enterprises, IT service providers, public authorities and midsized companies. Beta Systems datacenter intelligence portfolio focuses on areas including output management and archiving, log/security information management, workload automation and job management. Beta Systems DCI Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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