Beta 91 Discovery

Quality Management

Beta 91 Discovery is an industry-leading software tool for monitoring the quality of corporate data

Beta 91 Discovery offers a standardized method that enables you to automatically verify all data and logs processed on the z/OS platform.

Beta 91 Discovery also enables you to automate and extend coordination and checking procedures already in place.

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New Features of Beta 91 Discovery

HASH Command

The “HASH command” allows users to create hash keys for a record to prevent issues such as redundant processing of the same record. Moreover, the hash key ensures data integrity of transferred data.

Read Job Logs from Beta 92 Spool

The new B92SPOOL module reads job logs or Beta 92 Spool logs and writes them to a data set that is further processed in the downstream verification procedure.

SMF Records – Extended Header

The SMF record headers created by Beta Systems Discovery products now contains additional information that helps to uniquely identify the source system (LPAR, SYSPLEX etc.). The new header also includes information that marks the record as data generated by a Beta Systems product. This helps to prevent problems that might otherwise occur if the same SMF record number is used by a different provider.

Beta 91 Discovery is a flexible solution for comprehensive data quality management

Optimized Operation and Administration in SYSPLEX Environments

In SYSPLEX environments, Beta 91 Discovery supports cross-LPAR communication via the XCF protocol. This means that communication among the LPARs can take place without the need for additional started tasks and without OCF. The result: flexible and lean-resource utilization of Beta 91 Discovery for all LPARs.

Simple Execution of Checking Procedures via XCF

Thanks to XCF support, you can call Beta 91 Discovery from any LPAR. This speeds up operation and maintenance of Beta 91 Discovery as this feature allows you to execute all checking procedures within a SYSPLEX via a single Beta 91 Discovery instance.

Efficient Entry of Checking Routines

Users are guided through the process of creating new checking routines or adjusting existing ones based on interactive panels. The checking syntax is generated automatically. The GUI thus helps to prevent syntax errors and enables even non-specialist users to draw on the entire function range. The solution also enforces standardized and clearly structured definitions for all checking routines.

Flexibly Account for Production Requirements

An easy-to-learn interpreter language provides users with a tool for optimizing checking routines and makes available advanced functions based on operations, comparisons and database activities. This empowers you to create specialized checking routines that meet your individual production requirements.

Correct Faulty Production Workflows

Beta 91 Discovery supports a backout procedure for undoing jobs with faulty production workflows. The original field values are retained. You can choose whether to completely or partially undo a job. Alternatively, only individual record fields are reset.

Integrate Web Services

The Discovery Web Enabler makes mainframe services available to users via portal systems. The pre-designed web services provide access to individual functions and information. If required, Beta Systems Professional Service will assist you in defining additional web services to integrate Beta Systems products according to your individual needs.

Beta 91 Discovery automatically identifies and escalates errors, thus enabling you to instantly resolve the issue.

You can integrate the checking routines into all existing processes and call them up directly from within JCL or the program code. After reconciliation of the control parameters, a notification is sent (via e-mail, console, Tivoli and log files) if the tool identifies any deviation.

Beta Systems DCI Software AG

Beta Systems DCI Software AG provides high-quality infrastructure software products for the secure and efficient processing of large volumes of data to ensure compliance with all regulatory and corporate requirements. The multiplatform software solutions for z/OS, Unix, Linux and Windows environments automate, document and analyze business-critical IT processes in the datacenters of large enterprises, IT service providers, public authorities and midsized companies. Beta Systems datacenter intelligence portfolio focuses on areas including output management and archiving, log/security information management, workload automation and job management. Beta Systems DCI Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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