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Municipal & state data centers

Archiving and searching

The IT staff of municipal administrations is faced with the daunting task of managing thousands of z/OS-JCL batch jobs for the financial accounting systems. As a reliable software partner for counties that comprise many municipalities, Beta Systems provides solutions for compliant long-term archiving and efficient searching of job logs for 120 different communal administrative processes related to the KIRP financial accounting system.

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Availability, security and quality

The results of the batch processes are subject to manual plausibility checks. Tools from Beta Systems store the various check sums in corresponding PDF logs and provide employees with secured, web-based access. This significantly improves the quality of batch production in municipal data centers.


  • Fast and efficient handling of large amounts of data
  • Individual coordination with the KIRP logs imported as part of daily processing
  • High performance thanks to the Beta Systems database architecture
  • Layout addresses users’ needs
  • 24/7 uninterrupted operation

Potential output management application scenarios include various public sector procedures, such as

  • BVL (salary)
  • Statistik (statistics)
  • BAFÖG (education advancement grants)
  • SAP (cost-performance accounting on the state level and as a customized economic instrument)
  • (automated) property registry
  • SESTERZ (agriculture)
  • JUKOS (legal correspondence)
  • AUMAV (automatic dunning procedure)
  • KONSENS (financial procedure)
  • PROFISKAL (state budget accounting)
  • INPOL (police application)

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Electronic records

Implementing an electronic payment record at the state payroll office calls for a print output and formatting tool at the interface between data generation and user display.

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Automated output management

Beta Systems provides a solution for the central management of the entire print output across all applications. The tool formats documents in a consistent and visually pleasing design, bundles output data streams, separates them according to recipients and automatically distributes them to the relevant recipients across multiple output channels. This greatly reduces the manual processing task load in downstream administrations and speeds up request cycles.


  • Greatly reduced workload thanks to automated output management
  • Ideal for applications that generate a lot of paper output
  • Consistently manage and output data regardless of the source platform
  • View documents and add notes from any location and with any device via a secure web client
  • Use a browser to view SAP standard reports (cost bearer and cost center reports), saving the costs for expensive SAP licenses
  • Case management used in the BEATA project (Ministry of Finance, State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) can be easily applied to other administrations
  • Portals for the users and administrative offices will be added soon

Supported procedures include:

BVL, statistics, Bafög, the automated property registry and SAP (cost-performance accounting on the state level 

and as an economic instrument) as well as Profiskal (state budget accounting), Inpol (police application) and the DataCenter Justiz judiciary data center that comprises all judicial procedures.


Beta Systems DCI Software AG

Beta Systems DCI Software AG provides high-quality infrastructure software products for the secure and efficient processing of large volumes of data to ensure compliance with all regulatory and corporate requirements. The multiplatform software solutions for z/OS, Unix, Linux and Windows environments automate, document and analyze business-critical IT processes in the datacenters of large enterprises, IT service providers, public authorities and midsized companies. Beta Systems datacenter intelligence portfolio focuses on areas including output management and archiving, log/security information management, workload automation and job management. Beta Systems DCI Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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