Centralized Output Management for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies

Document processing with unparalleled ease

Central output management provides for an efficient and smooth flow of information and ensures that every employee, partner and customer can access all relevant data on schedule. In this context, a fully automatic output control solution enables companies to free valuable business resources.

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Comprehensive output management

Software from Beta Systems distributes lists and documents to any location throughout the company and archives them in an audit-compliant manner. The software generates almost the entire print output: centrally and locally, from single documents through to bulk mailings, from the host environment as well as for insurance-specific applications, SAP and other applications.


  • Central data is made available to distributed systems across the company: centrally control all output data
  • Designed to handle massive amounts of data and large numbers of users
  • Access control and protection of data integrity
  • Access centrally stored documents via a modern web interface
  • Web user interface provides employees and customers with information on the relevant business case over the Internet 

Potential output management application scenarios include

  • Archiving of SEPA payment transaction procedures  - Archiving, printing, distribution and online display of internal information
  • Insurance companies: Archiving, printing, browser-based display and distribution of information for insurance brokers and agents
  • Automatic reconciliation of CRM data (own applications) and booking data from SAP 

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Centralized control of all IT processes

Beta Systems connects worlds: A comprehensive job management system unites the various platforms of your company and ensures that all productive applications are monitored and launched at the right time. This results in smooth processes and frees up computing capacities. The efficient utilization of resources goes a long way toward implementing green IT, and it sharpens your competitive edge. 

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Applications on Windows, Unix, Linux, OS/390…

Insurance companies run the majority of their applications on IBM host systems. But Windows- or Unix/Linux-based applications are on the rise. Another key component that is becoming increasingly important is the modular SAP ERP solution. Beta Systems has the expert know-how needed to efficiently bring the different IT philosophies and worlds together.


  • Beta Systems solutions allow you to automate processes along the entire corporate structure and control them centrally
  • Central process control reduces costs related to applications and R&D
  • Consolidation of capacities improves the efficient use of energy (green IT)
  • All tasks related to distributed job management can be performed without binding JES resources (JES: IBM Job Entry Subsystem)
  • Archiving of job logs facilitates analysis of job runs and responsibilities

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Reliable job management for insurers

Major insurance companies transfer billions of euros in an automated manner each month. These bookings are driven by tens of thousands of batch jobs executed using various systems (such as SAP FS-CD). In order to avoid the generation and transfer of incorrect data and to minimize business risk, data must be reconciled with internal control systems at an early point in the process.

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Correct processes through data reconciliation

Beta Systems products can prevent faulty batch job processes in SAP FS­CD. At the same time, they automate batch execution, making the whole workflow more reliable. The solution helps to reconcile data from all areas that involve deducting, transferring and dunning parties for payments related to a contract. 

What is SAP FS-CD?

SAP FS-CD is the single most important SAP application for insurance companies. The module supports all collection- and disbursement-specific tasks. SAP FS-CD takes care of tasks such as open item accounting, payment transactions, processing of received payments and correspondence, settlements via agents as well as the co-insurance business – at the highest level of quality and reliability thanks to Beta Systems.

Additional SAP modules

The underlying features of the integrated job log solution for SAP FS-CD can be applied to any SAP module. The solution greatly streamlines and facilitates all tasks related to automating processes between the mainframe environment and the ‘open world’, where it helps to minimize errors and thus provides a strong boost to the quality of bulk data production.


  •  SAP batch jobs are automatically triggered at the scheduled time
  • When implementing SAP FS-CD, an automatic process checks the application against reference values on the mainframe as a measure to prevent erroneous processes from the very start
  • Greatly improved reliability thanks to rapid response to errors significantly reduces the number of defaults on payment
  • SAP output data can be analyzed based on checking procedures and compared against stored reference values in a single process; this enables you to determine the entire payment status of a policy at any time
  • Correspondence with customers is checked for incorrect data, which is then automatically rectified



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Beta Systems DCI Software AG

Beta Systems DCI Software AG provides high-quality infrastructure software products for the secure and efficient processing of large volumes of data to ensure compliance with all regulatory and corporate requirements. The multiplatform software solutions for z/OS, Unix, Linux and Windows environments automate, document and analyze business-critical IT processes in the datacenters of large enterprises, IT service providers, public authorities and midsized companies. Beta Systems datacenter intelligence portfolio focuses on areas including output management and archiving, log/security information management, workload automation and job management. Beta Systems DCI Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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