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Dynamic compliance audits

The trend of law makers to issue ever-stricter regulations that govern IT security and reporting puts increasing pressure on corporate audit departments. And when it comes to implementing the legal provisions, companies must adhere to the BSI’s IT list of measures, ISO 27002 as well as COBIT 4.0.

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Powerful auditing tools

Beta Systems software monitors the policies in real-time and generates meaningful audit reports that can be output as PDFs, e-mails or in CSV format for instant access by authorized personnel. The two-level log format (summary and detail reports) delivers transparent answers and saves you a lot of time.

What is COBIT?

CobiT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) is an international model for monitoring all IT processes that is firmly established in the banking industry. The framework was developed by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) research institute. It comprises best practice procedures (IT governance) whose purpose is to ensure that IT processes cover the business goals and adequately monitor risks. CobiT defines concrete goals that internal as well as external auditors adhere to in many countries.


  • Immediately identify critical states or events thanks to dynamic auditing
  • Quickly and efficiently analyze large volumes of system information (such as config logs or event logs)
  • Findings are presented in an easy-to-interpret format, even for non-technical staff
  • Audit software contains well-documented and expandable z/OS policies designed according to current compliance regulations
  • Policies account for data from global RACF settings, the RACF database, SMF records as well as z/OS system settings
  • Flexibly extend policies (on your own or with the help of Beta Systems)
  • Simple integration thanks to Java-based user interface
  • Goes easy on resources: handle increasing audit requirements with the same staff
  • Improved IT security and quality


IT basic protection, 2700x, PCI DSS & Co.

Electronic data is playing an increasingly major role in corporate processes, as is reflected by the constantly growing volume and quality of information. In light of this, legislatures at all levels feel the need to establish control mechanisms that prevent abuse and ensure compliant workflows. Ever-stricter laws and regulations force companies to upgrade their IT security, improve reporting procedures and introduce extensive audits for their z/OS operations. 

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Legally compliant IT security monitoring

Beta Systems enables companies to implement the requirements defined in the BSI IT list of measures, ISO 27002 and CobiT 4.0 to the dot. Predefined, expandable policies automatically identify security gaps and thus ensure that your company operates in strict adherence with all IT security guidelines. 

What laws require you to perform IT security monitoring?

The planned IT security act requires providers of ‘critical infrastructures’ (power, IT and telecommunications, transport, health, water, food, finance and insurance industry) to safeguard their IT systems from failure to maintain high standards of service reliability and public safety. Industry-specific minimum requirements for the protection of critical systems, components and processes are being defined. 

Other laws, such as SOX and EuroSOX, lay out requirements to guarantee that companies publish accurate financial figures. In addition, rising audit requirements compel companies to prove that no persons with wide-ranging IT access rights have manipulated data or have gained unauthorized access to data. In some countries, including Italy, the activity of critical users must be monitored on a regular basis by means of so-called ‘admin footprints’. Auditors also frequently require this of the companies they are auditing. 

Companies that process credit card data must undergo an annual audit to provide proof of compliance with PCI DSS, the central credit card security standard.

Compliance application based on Discovery

  • Integrated IT basic protection for z/OS (daily automatic basic protection checks in accordance with legal requirements)
  • Improved self-monitoring of Beta Systems products (analysis and reporting)
  • Real-time monitoring of access control system

IT configuration audit (ISO 2700x)

  • Automatic collection of security-related data from the z/OS operating system, RACF and from selected SMF records
  • Beta 92 archives security data and provides special functions (e.g. event alerts)
  • Beta 96 performs specific checking procedures and generates reports for each security check


  • Increased data security: The compliance solutions from Beta Systems empower banks to immediately identify critical states and events in their IT systems. The solutions also provide for a continuous and traceable data flow.


Workload balancing

Efficient processes and economic utilization of resources – these are the two central demands the market places on companies. IT departments and providers stand to profit from the technical possibilities offered by Beta Systems software for workload balancing. 

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Cross-platform process control and assurance

Our workload management products empower you to control all business-relevant data processing workflows across all platforms in a transparent, traceable and reliable manner. Private cloud providers, for example, can use Beta Systems solutions to achieve effective load balancing across all servers and to monitor the CPU load, memory and max. number of parallel jobs of the distributed systems in a highly detailed manner.


  • Free up resources through more efficient utilization of capacities
  • Process reliability thanks to automatic control across all platforms
  • Job logs make all processes traceable

Production reports

Map the processes of an entire production day across all sites to respond much quicker to operational faults in the data center and to be able to confirm compliance with your service level agreements (SLAs) at a glance.

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Production reports for sound decision-making

The SLA overview also shows key production KPIs that help you keep your business processes up and running. Information includes availability at time x, start and end of the production day, start and shutdown of online systems, as well as compliance with critical delivery dates or the share of terminated processes. Customizable management reports provide a complete overview of the previous day’s data center production and are available to decision-makers early every morning.


  • Continuous checking of business processes enables quick response to faults
  • Transparent visualization of all production facilities and processes
  • Audit reports point out complex connections relevant to corporate decision-making
  • Clear design makes reports comprehensible to non-technical staff
  • Simple report generation at the push of a button

DC production monitoring

The efficiency and quality of your data center production is closely tied to how reliable your business processes are. This means that batch processes need to be monitored around the clock, in particular if they are complex. Beta Systems provides you with powerful and transparent solutions for monitoring your batch operations. 

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Monitoring batch operations

A web-based tool usable on any device connected to the Internet provides admins with up-to-date information on terminated jobs at predefined intervals. This enables all IT staff, from job schedulers through to the customer service manager, to react instantly in the event of a failure. Thanks to a clear presentation of issues, personnel do not need to individually query the status of specific jobs and can prioritize their actions with ease.


  • Increased control over batch operations
  • Faster response to errors and terminated jobs
  • Optimized service quality: fewer claims, improved customer satisfaction, lower workload
  • Quantifiable performance boost (workload reduced by x steps)
  • Highly user-friendly monitoring tool
  • Can be operated from any workstation without any technical host know-how

DC output monitoring

Beta Systems offers a handy tool for monitoring output jobs created as part of the data production process. The tool allows relevant staff to quickly respond to issues and deliver information to customers, partners and employees on schedule.

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Monitoring data output

A web-based tool usable on any device connected to the Internet provides admins with up-to-date information on terminated output jobs at predefined intervals. This enables all IT staff, from job schedulers through to the customer service manager, to react instantly in the event of a failure. Designed for maximum user-friendliness, the monitoring tool brings users up to speed on key information at a glance.


  • Increased control over data output
  • Faster response to errors and terminated jobs
  • Optimized service quality: improved customer satisfaction, lower workload
  • Quantifiable performance boost (workload reduced by x steps)
  • Highly user-friendly monitoring tool
  • Can be operated from any workstation without any technical host know-how



Provide information to specialist departments

Data processing automation brings increased efficiency to corporate workflows. High-quality services also depend on the ability of specialist department or customer service staff to quickly get up to date on the status of the jobs they requested. Timely updates on key information allow specialist departments to work more effectively.

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Status updates for specialist departments

Automated solutions from Beta Systems keep internal and external persons informed about data center jobs anywhere and without the need to install software. The information provided can include anything from general information up to specific data in the form of document excerpts. This ensures that specialist departments receive key information much quicker than before.


  • Information is provided without the need to access TSO, ISPF or other mainframe resources
  • Improved data center service
  • Reduced number of customer queries submitted to the data center
  • Higher level of automation

Consolidate the IT infrastructure through data migration

Flexible solution design for replacements and migration models

Beta Systems takes into account the technical and organizational requirements of the customer when performing a system replacement and flexibly adjusts the solution design accordingly. The products cater to the z/OS 2.1 world or can be used across multiple platforms (z/OS, AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux). The solutions based on these products enable you to optimize your document processing and provisioning performance while at the same time minimizing costs.

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Services and benefits at a glance:

  • We develop production, print and security concepts as well as a PoC for the new system environment, thus guaranteeing that you can leverage all product features to the fullest.
  • In addition, checks that keep tabs on the progress and completeness ensure that the project is implemented in a transparent and compliant manner.

Reasons for deciding on a migration:

  • Large, unwieldy systems that have grown over a long time, so that their full function range etc. is no longer known in full detail
  • Utilized software is increasingly difficult to maintain
  • Some technical platforms are no longer supported
  • A migration is more cost-efficient and faster than developing a new system or a large-scale adaptation of components


  • Flexible solution design for replacements and migration models
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Optimized output and document management

Migrations powered by Beta Systems – Expertise and experience

  • based on over 100 migration projects involving up to 15 systems
  • based on migration and function modules featuring a standardized procedure
  • based on custom-tailored concepts and workflows
  • predominantly in the banking, insurance, electronics, mechanical engineering and automotive industries as well as the public sector
  • in replacing CA-View, CA-Deliver, Control-D, Control-V, EOS, Stonebranch, $AVRS etc.



Sample projects

Sample project: SIGNAL IDUNA Group

The SIGNAL IDUNA Group is consolidating their product landscape in the area of list management and is expanding their Beta Systems software to use it as the primary tool for z/OS list processing. 

SIGNAL IDUNA has been employing a Beta Systems solution for many years, and now it is being expanded to guarantee the secure and efficient processing of large data volumes across the group. The system is designed to manage vast numbers of lists and therefore serves as the central hub for enabling a seamless information flow at the SIGNAL IDUNA Group.

Why did SIGNAL IDUNA decide to migrate?

  • Standard software all from the same source – Reduced costs thanks to migration
  • Reduced maintenance expenditure by consolidating the product
  • Output management and index search function in a single system

Project goals

  • Replace the existing Control-D/V solution with Beta 93
  • Standardize the output management systems
  • Improved serviceability
  • Introduce standardized product components

Migration stages

  • Migrate list definitions
  • Migrate lists
  • Going live of migrated definitions and lists
  • Migration cycle including transfer of lists by means of a self-triggering process
  • Migration database for controlling the cycle
  • Migration tables for the migration cycle
  • Migration modules for creating the job/step chain, start/stop of the cycle and status information
  • Progress and completeness monitoring
  • Going live of the migrated lists including transfer of the list definitions, list generations and archive files

Project scope

  • 4,000 CDAM files and 9,965 index files on disk
  • 118,000 CDAM files and 82,000 index files on VTS and partially on tape
  • 309 members with report definitions that also include index definitions
  • Approx. 100,000 lists containing 22 billion list lines were migrated




Beta Systems DCI Software AG

Beta Systems DCI Software AG provides high-quality infrastructure software products for the secure and efficient processing of large volumes of data to ensure compliance with all regulatory and corporate requirements. The multiplatform software solutions for z/OS, Unix, Linux and Windows environments automate, document and analyze business-critical IT processes in the datacenters of large enterprises, IT service providers, public authorities and midsized companies. Beta Systems datacenter intelligence portfolio focuses on areas including output management and archiving, log/security information management, workload automation and job management. Beta Systems DCI Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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