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Single Point of Information

Discover all data of your product operations

Powerful analysis functions provide a high level of security

Products that are used on a daily basis, such as Beta 92 or Beta 93, frequently need to be realigned by users or administrators. Depending on the task and access rights, even essential settings like scanning definitions, the behavior of system components as well as batch processes can be modified. Any such configuration change bears the risk of introducing damaging settings – either accidentally or intentionally.   

A dedicated technical infrastructure is required to make these changes transparent and traceable. This includes components such as a database that stores system modifications in a deletion-protected manner, sophisticated analysis logic as well as clear, graphical illustrations. In Discovery, this architecture is called ‘Single Point of Information (SPIN)’, which is provided for all Discovery products. The graphical interface is based on the Beta Web Enabler. 

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How does it work?

Components introduced in previous product versions, such as Statistics and Service Manager, are integrated into the new SPIN portal step by step. The Agilizer 4DataProcessing is linked to SPIN to implement complex process monitoring tasks between Discovery (and other) products and to transfer SPIN data for external processing within the framework of a SOA or SaaS architecture.  External log data (e.g. SMF records) is evaluated using Beta Log Formatter, which is integrated as a SPIN component. It performs standard analyses and can also run customized analyses.

The data kept in the SPIN database can reach very high volumes, so the system includes helpful functions such as clean-up, export and import. 


Components of the Single Point of Information:

  • SPIN database
  • Activity audit logs for all Discovery products
  • Evaluation of log data using Log Formatter LGF (SMF records, ...)
  • Beta 92 as a central event processing unit for all Discovery products

Planned features: 

  • Beta Web Enabler as a graphical SPIN portal for users
  • SPIN Report Generator for creating SPIN reports
  • SPIN Data Warehouse for extended analysis jobs based on dynamic criteria

Application features

  • Log all modifications to Beta products as part of the new Discovery standard reporting that includes Sysplex clusters
  • Show Discovery standard reports as HTML docs
  • Customers can expand the reports
  • Beta 92 users can alert relevant persons about critical data patterns based on integrated event processing
  • Further expansion of the activity audit logs that already exist in Beta 92 planned in combination with Beta Web Enabler

11 New Beta Web Enabler Features

Discover information the convenient way

The new Discovery product generation from Beta Systems offers greatly improved web access integration based on the Beta Web Enabler. The new, user-friendly interface is designed for Windows-style, intuitive handling. Moreover, various new features greatly improve the product’s ease of use.  For example, users can now open documents by double-clicking them, and the previous action buttons have been replaced with modern shortcut menus.

Application features

  • Open documents by clicking anywhere within the line
  • Windows look & feel, e.g. hand with extended index finger
  • Dropdown menus for well-structured display of hits
  • Simplified document sharing through the use of permalinks (static URLs)
  • Document links can be created in the browser (favorites)
  • Place items on the desktop via drag-&-drop
  • Hit list lines are automatically updated without the need to send a new request
  • Layouts optimized for easy item selection
  • Improved customization capability thanks to dynamic layouts and the use of selection favorites
  • Customizable default field input values on the search screen
  • (Simplified) integration of the customer’s corporate design into existing intranet portals (colors, icons, ...)

New Service Packages

Discover optimized and stable IT operations

If you want your projects to succeed, you need more than excellent software. As a service organization, we are at your side to help you make the most out of your investment. In concrete terms, we will offer the new Discovery product generation together with standardized service packages that cover a set number of consulting days, ensuring that your solution is streamlined for minimum organizational and technical complexity. Furthermore, close cooperation on site means that you will be able to set up the new system and configure it precisely to your needs both quickly and with ease.

Dedicated Discovery service packages exist for the following topics:

  • Implement the new Discovery generation
  • Introduce the agent network incl. an analysis workshop to achieve best configuration results
  • Implement IT basic protection requirements with compliance solutions based on the Discovery product generation



New Agent Technology

Discover new platforms to collaborate with your mainframe

1 agent for 10 platforms

The integrated agent network of the new Beta Discovery generation offers superior multi-platform capability to users. Simple integration of non-z/OS platforms is made possible with Beta 92 Enterprise Job Manager (EJM), which acts as the central job control and agent/event management system. Thanks to this consolidated structure, the agents can be used for all Discovery products.

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The new agent technology allows you to launch jobs on non-z/OS platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, iSeries) and transfer documents to z/OS.  This makes additional add-ons obsolete as the Discovery Cores already contain all required components. The result: greatly improved workload management and a technology that facilitates task automation, the creation of new workloads and that helps you bring the separate IT worlds together.


Agent auto update

The agent network for the Discovery product generation will soon provide an auto update feature. This guarantees that each agent always has the latest features, functions and platform support. 


Staged replacement of previous add-ons

The new agent network will replace previous add-ons such as Beta 93 Extended Input in a staged manner. All add-ons required for the agent network will be integrated into the network. 


Service and usability

Soon there will be a single common user interface for agent administration. Beta Systems supports customers in introducing the agent network by providing special service products.


Application features

  • Job submit via EJM for execution on non-z/OS platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix)
  • Retrieve data from distributed sources
  • Consistent handling of jobs, documents and logs
  • Integrated basic volume for processing non-z/OS data
  • Consistent volume expansion package
  • Integrated Beta 92 EJM and OSY provides support of the agent network for all Discovery customers
  • Extended Input as a component of the Beta 93 Discovery package; to complement this, Beta 93 customers can also use the integrated Discovery agent network

New BSA Architecture

Discover a solid basis for new functionalities

50 new and expanded functions

The functionality of Beta Systems’ mainframe products firmly rests upon the new BSA base architecture. Customers benefit from various new and significantly improved basic functions and extended product-specific functions that greatly boost the performance of the mainframe system.

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Application features

  • Cross-Sysplex communication via TCP/IP based on OCF; consistent handling throughout the entire data center
  • Fully compatible with the Agility product generation
  • Reduced z/OS licensing costs thanks to using zIIP processors for compression
  • Improved support for creating Log Formatter (LGF) reports leads to fast results even without knowledge of the complex LGF syntax 

Planned features:

  • Improved 24/7 system availability
  • Provision of XCF and zIIP as standard BSA functions
  • New backup & restore functions

Beta Systems DCI Software AG

Beta Systems DCI Software AG provides high-quality infrastructure software products for the secure and efficient processing of large volumes of data to ensure compliance with all regulatory and corporate requirements. The multiplatform software solutions for z/OS, Unix, Linux and Windows environments automate, document and analyze business-critical IT processes in the datacenters of large enterprises, IT service providers, public authorities and midsized companies. Beta Systems datacenter intelligence portfolio focuses on areas including output management and archiving, log/security information management, workload automation and job management. Beta Systems DCI Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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